About the district

District 14 has a population of approximately 20,600 residents and is made up of the suburban communities of Middle/Upper Sackville, Beaver Bank, and Lucasville.

After the war of 1812, there was a major migration of black refugees from the United States who settled in many parts of Nova Scotia, including the area that is now the community of Lucasville. Today, Lucasville is an important source of African Nova Scotian history and culture, with many of the current residents descendant from these original black settlers.

The community of Beaver Bank dates back to 1776 when Loyalists from Boston settled there. Today, it is a developed community made up of many subdivisions and unique residential areas. Beaver Bank’s motto, “People Together with Nature”, reflects the many lakes, rivers and forests enjoyed by residents in the surrounding area.

The Beaver Bank station, once a hotel next to a busy train station, is now a popular pub and restaurant enjoyed by many locals. The community is also home to two golf courses, and several community facilities including the Beaver Bank Kinsac Community Centre, a non-profit organization serving as a multi-purpose gathering place for residents of all ages. The Centre offers a wide range of programming from Yoga, Kung Fu and Zumba, to bingo and cribbage.

Middle and Upper Sackville are made up mostly of suburban neighborhoods that have experienced significant growth over the last decade. The communities are home to a number of sports fields, making them a popular destination for baseball and softball teams. Music fans also enjoy the popular Weir Rockin' festival, an annual summer rock festival held at Weir Field in Upper Sackville. The district is also home to several schools and is a popular place to live for young families.