Dog Ownership

As a responsible dog owner you want nothing more than for your Fido to be safe and happy. Here’s what you need to know from Halifax’s Animal By-Law A-700 [PDF].

You must:


Prevent your dog from:

  • attacking a person or another animal 
  • running at large
  • damaging public or private property 
  • making excessive noise
  • keeping their unspayed female dog confined within a dog-proof enclosure while she’s in heat


Dog owners found to be in violation of the bylaw may:

If you’re found to be in violation of the bylaw, you could face one or more of the following penalties:

  • be issued a warning notice by a Compliance Officer
  • be issued a Summary Offense Ticket of $237.50 or greater by a Compliance Officer
  • face prosecution in a court of law
  • have your dog seized by Animal Services

Troubles with a dog in your neighbourhood? 

If you’re experiencing a problem or issue with a dog in your neighbourhood, the first step is to talk to the owner, who may not be aware that their pet is being disruptive. 

If the issue persists, you can register a complaint by contacting 311.