Found pets

Each year, Animal Services picks up hundreds of lost pets in the Halifax region. See photos of the pets that are currently in the care of Animal Services. 

Dogs wearing licence tags

Reuniting a lost dog with its family is simple if the dog is wearing a municipal licence tag. If your dog is wearing its licence tag when it is picked up, Animal Services will make every effort to contact you. 

Lost dogs with no identification are held by Animal Services for three business days before being turned over to SPCA Animal Redemption Centre.

Pets being kept by Animal Services

If your pet is being held by Animal Services, you must:

  1. Contact Animal Services via 311 or 1.800.835.6428 (toll free in Nova Scotia only)
  2.  Pay for impounding and boarding fees (see fee schedule below), any related veterinary or health care costs, a licence fee, if the pet was not registered 
  3. Provide personal photo identification and proof of pet ownership such as photos, papers from your vet, or a purchase receipt

Impounding and boarding fees

To release your pet, you must pay both the impounding and boarding fees. 

Impounding fee: $100 
Board fee: $25/day (or partial day)