Off-leash area rules

For a complete list of off-leash areas please see our Off-leash dog parks page

You must keep your dog leashed and under control in all Halifax parks unless otherwise specifically permitted.

There are designated off-leash areas in certain municipal parks and sports fields that you can use for off-leash activities provided that rules are followed. Remember these areas are shared by all residents.

Off-leash area rules

There have been trespassing and noise complaints from property owners near some off-leash parks. Do not allow your pets to leave the off-leash area. It is essential that you only allow dogs with effective recall skills to be off leash in this area.

Other rules include: 

  • Dogs must be on leash unless signs indicate otherwise.
  • Dogs must have current municipal tags.
  • You must carry a leash.
  • Your dog must come to you when called.
  • You must keep your dog within sight.
  • You will be held responsible for any damages or injuries caused by a dog in your care.
  • Dogs must not interfere with other park users.
  • Aggressive dogs, female dogs in heat, and puppies under three months old are not permitted in off-leash areas.
  • You must pick up your dog’s waste immediately.
  • Don't unleash your dog when children or adults are playing in a sports field.