Common Questions about Property Taxes

What is an assessment?

An assessment is an estimate of a property's market value as of a certain date. The Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC)  assesses property value yearly and mails you an assessment notice to tell you your property’s value for tax purposes. 

What do I do with my assessment notice?

It is not necessary to do anything with it if you agree with the assessed value. If, however, you believe the assessed value is not a reasonable estimate then you can contact the PVSC at 1.800.380.7775 or follow the instructions on the back of the notice if you wish to appeal.

Can I view my property assessment information online?

Property owners can view detailed information on their assessment by accessing their "My Property Report” on the Property Valuation Services Corporation website. Use your Assessment Account Number and PIN access number to see your information. To obtain a PIN number, phone 1.800.380.7775.

Should I expect my assessment notice to increase or decrease from year to year?

The assessed value of your property will reflect the property sales in your neighborhood and factors that may enhance or detract from your property's value. 

I appealed my assessment last year. Is the change reflected in this year's assessment?

The assessed values are based upon market value data as of a certain date. The value is calculated each year using a new date every year. Contact the PVSC at 1.800.380.7775 to inquire how your appealed assessment last year relates to your current assessment. 

How will my assessment affect my property tax bill?

The Halifax Regional Municipality will set a tax rate each year that will be multiplied by your taxable assessed value (capped amount or market value) per $100 of assessment to determine your property tax. The interim tax bill (due on the last business day in April) will be exactly half of your estimated current year tax bill. The final bill (due on the last business day of October) will reflect the actual current year's tax rate multiplied by the current year's taxable assessed value, minus the interim bill amount. 

How is the tax rate calculated?

The Halifax Regional Municipality budget must be approved by Regional Council in order to determine the amount of money that is required to support each service (fire, police, schools, sidewalks, etc.). The rate is determined by dividing the total money required by the total taxable assessment within the Halifax Regional Municipality. There is a general rate for urban, suburban, and rural areas, as well as other area rates.

My property was assessed as commercial, but this is no longer applicable.

This assessment must be appealed. Therefore, follow the instructions on the back of your notice for appeal procedures. 

How much does HRM bill in property taxes each year?

A summary of the taxes billed in 2019/20 is shown by district in this table and this chart.