Financing Program FAQ

1. What is the Water Supply & Sewage Disposal System program?

The Water Supply & Sewage Disposal System program is a voluntary financing program where property owner(s) may enter into an agreement with the municipality to access funds to offset the cost of installing water supply or sewage disposal systems on their property.

2. Who is eligible?

To qualify for the Financing program, the following criteria must be met:

  • The property must be your principle residence (dwelling unit occupied for at least 180 days in the calendar year)
  • The property is held by owner in fee simple
  • The proposed water supply improvement is for a residential purpose
  • The property is outside of the Halifax Water service area, with no proposed plans to extend service to the property or building
  • The property has an existing water system that provides potable water but is inadequate
  • Property taxes and related charges must be in good standing

3. Who is ineligible?

The program does not apply to the following situations:

  • New home construction
  • A property that is rented or leased
  • A recreational, resource, or commercial property
  • A property exempt from residential property tax
  • Any property without an existing water supply system
  • Properties that are less than one year old
  • Properties that do not provide potable water

4. How can I apply?

Fill in the program application. We will ask for information relating to your property, along with your property assessment number. After applying, you will be notified if you meet the eligibility criteria for the program and the next steps.

5. How do I pay?

The cost of the improvement is repaid over a ten-year term through the municipality’s Local Improvement Charge (LIC) financing structure. An LIC is a lien on your property, meaning, the charge will remain as an encumbrance affixed on the property until paid in full.

The LIC bill is a separate bill from your property tax bill. It is possible to repay the cost in its entirety, as a lump sum, at any point during the 10-year period. You can set up a Pre-Authorized Payment plan to repay bi-weekly or monthly instead of annual payments depending on your needs. You can also make payments with cash, debit card, money order or cheque.

Interest shall accrue and be payable annually on charges outstanding regardless of whether the owner has selected to pay by installments on the amount outstanding from the date of billing forward at a rate equal to the Prime Rate of the Municipality`s Banker plus two percentage points (+2%). Late payments will be charged interest of 10% annually.

6. Who do I contact to complete my estimate?

Only contractors who hold a certificate of qualification from Nova Scotia Environment or those approved in advance by HRM are eligible for the program. Please visit the listing of contractors who hold a certificate of qualification from Nova Scotia Environment.

Please note, you are not permitted to begin construction of the well until you provide the documentation requested and receive consent from HRM that your application is approved. 

7. How much will I pay for my well installation?

It depends. Ask your contractor for an estimate for your situation. 

8. Is there a cost for application?

There is an application fee of $150.00, payable upon approval of the application. 

9. Can I talk to someone about the Financing System program?

Of course! Please send an email and someone on our team will be in touch with you.

10. The application form says I may need a document from my current mortgage company, why?

If there is an existing mortgage (or similar loan, charge or lien) on your property you may have a requirement to advise your lender (for example, your bank) about any new liens or charges placed on your property. HRM requests that you receive your lender’s permission to have this charge added to your property in advance of completing the application to help protect you from inadvertently breaching any agreements you’ve already entered.