Inadequate Water Supply & Sewage Disposal System Program

The Water Supply & Sewage Disposal System Program is a voluntary financing program that enables property owner(s) to finance the cost of water supply or sewage disposal system improvement. Property Owner(s) may enter into an agreement with the HRM to access funds to offset the cost of installing the systems on their property.

For further information regarding the program, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or By-law C-1000.

Water Supply System Program Application

To apply for the program, please complete and submit the program application below. As various conditions apply for eligibility, please visit By-law C-1000 and our Frequently Asked Questions Page for information.

Inadequate Water Supply & Sewage Disposal Application

Tips for Choosing a Contractor

For basic guidance when selecting a well contractor, please visit the following link. Please note: contractors must hold a certificate of qualification from Nova Scotia Environment or be approved in advance by HRM.

Contact Information

For any questions or comments regarding the program, please send an email and someone from our Water Supply System team will contact you accordingly.