Municipality to work with Parks Canada on potential national urban park designation



The Halifax Regional Municipality and Parks Canada have agreed to collaborate on the feasibility of the potential designation of a national urban park at Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes (BMBCL).

As was announced this week by Parks Canada, a Statement of Collaboration has been signed between the municipality and Parks Canada through the National Urban Park Program. Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes is one of a few sites identified across Canada for this potential designation. The municipality has also identified BMBCL as a priority through the Regional Plan.

As the National Urban Park program unfolds, the municipality will review current Regional Council approved parkland priorities to determine what areas would be prime candidates within the potential urban park boundary.

Through the Parks & Recreation Business Plan and Capital Budget the municipality has identified key deliverables for this year which include the overall planning for the future of Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Regional Plan. Further review of this site, along with other special green spaces in Halifax, will be considered as part of the urban park identification process.

Residents can anticipate being invited to participate in an extensive public engagement program supporting the feasibility assessment.

More information is expected to be available in the coming months and will be shared via