PLANAPP 2023-01974 - 3807 Mont Blanc Terrace, Halifax



Application by Peter Polley to discharge a Development Agreement on the subject property.


The applicant wishes to discharge the existing development agreement registered on the subject property to potentially allow for as-of-right development of the surplus land to the east of the existing multi unit apartment.

The current Development Agreement permits one multi unit apartment on the subject property and the underlying zone (High Order Residential - 1 under the Regional Centre Land Use By-Law) permits a number of uses which may be considered as-of-right subject to subdivision by-law, land use by-law and other required approvals.


The application will be considered under the Discharging Development Agreement process.


This application was taken to the team review meeting and has been sent to the applicable review departments and agencies for their review and comment.

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans and studies required by HRM staff to properly evaluate the application. The documents are also available for review at the Planning Applications office in Downtown Dartmouth.

Contact Information

For further information, please contact:

Ardalan Shareghi B.

Planner II

Current Planning

Telephone: 782.641.3478

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HRM Planning and Development

PO Box: 1974,


Nova Scotia,

B3J 3A5

Attention: Ardalan Shareghi B.