November 4, 2020 North West Planning Advisory Committee Special Meeting


Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Virtual Meeting



2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – September 2, 2020




6.1 Correspondence
6.2 Petitions 

7.1.1 Case 22703:
Application by WM Fares Architects to amend an existing development agreement at 26 Walker Service Road, Lower Sackville to change from 1 multi-unit residential building with 52 units and 34 townhouse units on a new public street to two multi-unit residential buildings and two existing single-unit dwellings, for a total of 114 units on the site. [PDF]

Details of the proposal are as follows:
• The two proposed apartment buildings are to be located on two separate lots, with a new boundary line alteration between the buildings. The 2 existing single-unit dwellings will remain as-is, but the land parcels are included in the agreement for population density purposes. PIDs 40695561, 40706822, 40699829 and 40124398 will continue to be the land parcels subject to the agreement;
• The former public street is to be replaced with a new private driveway to access the apartment buildings, 
• There is a slight increase in the density (9 %) over the existing agreement. Preliminary density figures have been provided, with details to be confirmed at the permitting stage by Halifax Water;
• A public park component with frontage on Walker Service Road will remain part of the agreement. This was re-introduced following comments from staff and the public;
• Applicant has indicated that a Phase 2 Environmental Assessment has been completed and confirms that the site is clean;
• Note: TIS addendum includes an older version of the site plan which no longer applies, but the driveway location on that plan is the same as on the new site plan. 

Amendments to the development agreement proposal are being considered under Policies RR-3, UR-10 and IM-13 of the Sackville Municipal Planning Strategy. 

In preparing a recommendation to the North West Community Council, the Committee is being asked to comment on and assess potential impacts of the proposal, specifically:
• the types of land uses to be included in the development;
• that the height, bulk, lot coverage and appearance of any building is compatible with adjacent land uses;
• the distribution and function of proposed public lands and community facilities, and proximity to schools, recreation areas and transit routes;
• traffic generation, access to and egress from the site, and parking;
• matters relating to the provision of central sewer and water services;
• provisions for the proper handling of stormwater and general drainage within and from the development;
• site suitability in terms of steepness of grades, soil and geological conditions, locations of watercourses, potable water supplies, marshes or bogs and susceptibility to flooding;
• signs, open storage, and general maintenance of the development.

A mailout of notices to surrounding property owners (in lieu of a Public Information Meeting) was conducted in June of 2020. Comments received from the public are summarized as follows (no particular order):
• No additional apartments wanted, would rather townhouses or duplexes;
• Increased traffic, especially at T-intersections, poses safety concern. Other concerns with existing traffic on Old Sackville Road;
• Concern that people will park on the street, there is not enough room for pedestrians and no sidewalks;
• Not in favour of changing agreement, 
• Ok with two single unit dwellings instead of one, 
• Concerned about blasting, 
• Don’t want any vehicle access at back of site to Brian Drive,
• Concern that taxes (or assessments) may go up in the neighbourhood, another concern that property values may go down;
• Construction noise;
• That the development will not adversely affect the Sackville River;
• Opposed because you want to do away with the public street and the public park AND add 28 residential units.

The following is before the Committee:
Revised Site Plan [PDF]
Addendum to Traffic Impact Statement [PDF]
Applicant’s Review of Planning Policies [PDF]
Original Development Agreement (Case 19056) [PDF]

 For a copy of the materials presented to the Planning Advisory Committee, please contact the Clerk’s Office.

7.1.2 Case 23061: Application by Tier Too Properties on behalf of the property owner has applied for a development agreement for the outdoor dog run area of a Dog Day Care facility at Lot 1 Glen Arbour Way, Hammonds Plains. [PDF]

The proposed is to allow an outdoor dog run in conjunction with a permitted Dog Day Care Facility by Development Agreement. The indoor Dog Day Care Facility is proposed to occupy 4,000 square feet of the total 10,000 square foot multi-tenant commercial building. The indoor Dog Day Care Facility is permitted as-of right within the C-4 (Highway Commercial) zone. However, the development of the outdoor portion of the Dog Day Care Facility (outdoor run) is only permitted through a development agreement. 

The major aspects of the proposal are:
• Outdoor dog run proposed to be located at the rear of the multi-tenant commercial building. 
• The outdoor dog run proposes to have the following features:
    o A 420 square meter (4,525 square feet) fenced outdoor dog run area divided into two play areas; 
    o A 2.43 meter (8 foot) tall solid fence at rear of fenced area;
    o Artificial turf on the outdoor run; and
    o A maximum of 30 dogs outside at one time.

In preparing the recommendation to North West Community Council, the Committee is being asked to assess potential impact on the community in accordance with Policy P-26A of the Beaver Bank, Hammonds Plains, Upper Sackville Municipal Planning Strategy: 
• Compatibility
• Impacts on adjacent properties
• Hours of operation and the number of dogs
• Traffic impacts
• Existing vegetation maintained where possible

The following is before the Committee:
Applicant Submission [PDF]
Notice to Residents [PDF]
Public Feedback Summary [PDF]

For a copy of the materials presented to the Planning Advisory Committee, please contact the Clerk’s Office. 

7.1.3 Case 20401: Application by Clayton Developments Limited on behalf of a variety of property owners to amend the Bedford West Secondary Planning Strategy (SPS) as contained in the Halifax and Bedford Municipal Planning Strategies (MPS’s) to enable development of Bedford West Sub Area 10 by development agreement, Bedford and Halifax. [PDF]

An application by Clayton Developments Limited on behalf of a variety of property owners initiated a process to amend the Bedford and Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy [MPS] and the Bedford West Secondary Planning Strategy to enable development of Bedford West Sub Area 10, Kearney Lake Road, Bedford and Halifax. Regional Council initiated the process at its meeting on October 2, 2016 following consideration of an initiation report presented by staff.

In preparing the recommendation to North West Community Council, the Committee is being asked to assess potential impact on the community. The following is before the Committee:

• Existing developed land uses to the west of Hogan Court will remain in place and existing Residential Reserve (RR) and Institutional (SI) Zoned properties will remain the same zone. A minor amendment will be made to the RR zone to enable Residential Single Unit (RSU) uses should municipal sewer and water services be extended in the future.
• The RR and SI zones are within the jurisdiction of NWPAC. Other portions of this development are not within the jurisdiction of NWPAC.
• Staff is proposing the following policies relating to the subject lands:

Sub Area 10:

Sub Area 10 includes lands which form part of the Halifax MPS and the Bedford MPS. These lands were not included in the      original Community Concept Plan (BW-7) as their land use was not decided upon until 2019.  

Policy BW-40B:

There are several smaller properties on Kearney Lake Road located to the west of Hogan Court which shall remain zoned Residential Reserve (RR) zone and Institutional (SI) Zone. The RR zone shall be amended to include the ability for these properties to develop under the Residential Single Unit (RSU) Zone requirements should municipal services be extended to this area in the future.

Policy BW-40C:
Existing unserviced development, west of Hogan Court along Kearney Lake Road, shall be included in the service boundary,    however connection to local sewer and water services shall not take place until Council enables financial means for the extension of the services

Note: Policy BW-40C acknowledges the existing situation where these lands are within the service boundary, but not serviced. There are no active plans to extend sewer and water to these properties.

The following is before the Committee (Please note that most of the submitted materials relates to lands to the south on Kearney Lake Road, which is not the jurisdiction of NWPAC).:
Application Letter [PDF]
Application Letter -Update [PDF]
Topo Map of Site [PDF]
Concept Plan [PDF]
Servicing Review [PDF]

Related Documents:
Generalized Future Land Use Map [PDF]
Zoning Map [PDF]
Sub Areas of Bedford West Map (Map 3) [PDF]

For a copy of the materials presented to the Planning Advisory Committee, please contact the Clerk’s Office. 

8. DATE OF NEXT MEETING – December 2, 2020