Planning and Development in District 11





Case 22050 - Parkmoor Avenue, Hayes Street and Charlton Avenue (PID 00277228), Halifax
Application to develop residential lots with modified lot requirements on PID 00277228, by Hayes Street, Parkmoor and Charlton Avenues, in Halifax.

Case 22483 - 801 Old Sambro Road, Harrietsfield
Civtech Engineering and Surveying Limited has applied for a rezoning agreement at 801 Old Sambro Road, Harrietsfield. 

Case 22890 - 48 and 50 Old Sambro Road, Halifax
WM Fares is applying to rezone lands located at 48 and 50 Old Sambro Road, Halifax.

Case 23120 - Halifax Mainland Land Use By-law Amendment, R-2 Zone
Armco Capital Inc. has applied to amend the R-2 Zone of the Halifax Mainland Land Use By-law for lands within the Mainland South Area. 

Case 23166 - 530 Herring Cove Road, Halifax
Request to amend the Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy and Halifax Mainland Land Use By-law to re-designate and rezone a portion of 530 Herring Cove Road, Halifax from the Institutional Designation to the High-Density Residential Designation and the P (Park and Institutional) Zone to the R-4 (Multiple Dwelling) Zone.

Case 23528 - 1601 Ketch Harbour Road, Sambro
Application by Stephen Adams Consulting Ltd. to rezone 1601 Ketch Harbour Road, Sambro.

Case 23741 - Reginald Court, Herring Cove
Application by Upland Urban Planning + Design for a Development Agreement on a new street at the end of Reginald Court, Herring Cove.

Case 24063 - Interim Incentive or Bonus Zoning Outside the Regional Centre
Halifax Regional Council initiated a request to initiate a process to consider amendments to the Regional Municipal Planning Strategy to establish an Interim Density Bonusing Program for land outside of the Regional Centre. 

To view all Active Planning Applications visit: Active Planning Applications | Halifax.



2022 District 11 Planned Road Work


2021 District 11 Road Work

Street Recapitalization

St. Margaret’s Bay Rd – Albert Walker to Prospect

Asphalt Overlays

Purcell’s Cove Rd – Boulderwood to Royal Yacht Squadron


St Margaret’s Bay Rd at Lily Pond (Carryover)

Village Rd at Harrigans

Planer Patching

Old Sambro Rd – Sussex to Leiblin

Proposed Crack Sealing

Abrams Way – Theakston to End

Alabaster Way – Lier to End

Alabaster Way – Drysdale to End

Angler Dr – Civic 36 to End

Ardwell Ave – Rockingstone to Tartan

Cathy Rd – Mitchell to Irisweg

Curto Crt – Portovista to End

Drysdale Rd – Herring Cove to Lions Rink

Emerald Cres – Drysdale to Drysdale

Feruz Cres – Spencer to Feruz

Glen Baker Dr – Herring Cove to Angler

Grindstone Dr – Beachstone to Beachstone

Herring Cove Rd – Williams Lake to Sylvia

Kestrel Crt – Ketch Harbour to End

Lois Lane – Abrams to St. Michael’s

Lovell Lane – Feruz to End

Norawarren Dr – Herring Cove to End

Old Sambro Rd – Halfway to Leiblin to Leiblin

Old Sambro Rd – Herring Cove to Theakston

Pinegrove Ave – Herring Cove to Theakston

Portovista Dr – Ketch Harbour to Curto

Purcell’s Cove Rd – Halls to Aarons

Reginald Crt – Norawarren to End

Rockingstone Rd – Old Sambro to Ardwell

Swivel Crt – Angler to End

Tartan Ave – Auburn to End

Thornhill Dr – Auburn to End