Youth Section

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The Youth Section was created in 2016 to create more coordination of Parks & Recreation's major youth programs and projects. 

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Our definition of youth

Youth Services in the municipality encompasses ages 13-24. For the purposes of this re - port we grouped the ages of 13-15, 16-18 & 19-24. We recognize the diversity within these age ranges that requires specific and intentional services.

Youth Community Developer

The Youth Community Developer is responsible for the creation and implementation of the Municipal Youth Services Plan, roll out of Multi-Service Youth Centre’s, supporting the Youth Advisory Committee and regional youth engagement projects.

Work with the Youth Community Developer to:

  • Help connect young people to services & supports
  • Help young people navigate municipal government 
  • Help youth initiate change in their communities (see workbook below!)
  • Help you build networks and connect with youth in your community
  • Provide guidance to support your youth engagement efforts
  • Design and deliver training to strengthen your youth engagement efforts
  • Help consult and engage youth in your projects

For information, please contact Becca Bishop, Youth Community Developer. Becca can be reached at, 902.233.8129 or DM on Instagram @hfxnextgen

How youth can initiate change in their community workbook

Supporting Youth to Create Positive Change in Their Communities

We believe in the power and potential of youth to develop and implement their own solutions to community challenges. Our mission is to support youth to create positive change. We do this by providing skill development and capacity building.  Build your skills to create change by:

Downloading the How to Initiate Change workbook here (PDF)

This booklet is intended to help you come up with a way to support your community. It is our hope that these four activities will generate ideas to help guide you as you create a plan.

Here are some ways youth can contribute to their community:
• Organize a community clean up
• Collect food, clothes, toys or care items and deliver to shelters
• Hold an event to raise money for a cause
• Educate and share information on a topic
you are passionate about
• Get involved in your local election by encouraging young people to vote
• Compile messages of support for youth experiencing mental illness
• Host a community dinner
• Start a community garden

This is a planning document and the actions suggested in the document are intended for future use when public health directives have changed. During your planning process, please follow public health guidelines.

text says "Halifax Youth" with email and @hfxnextgen Instagram account