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Mobile Youth Support Team

The Mobile Youth Support Team is made up of a Youth Counsellor and a Youth Outreach Worker. We are here to provide drop in and by appointment supports to youth (ages 13-24) seeking advice or assistance in navigating challenges within their day to day lives with a focus on reducing the risk of gun and gang violence within our communities.


How can they help?

Youth Outreach Worker

Provides short-term outreach support through both drop-ins and scheduled appointments within the HRM by connecting youth to external resources with a focus on mental health, legal, recreation, education and employment supports.

  • Offers peer support and peer support training to youth
  • Offers court support to youth and their families navigating the court system for the 1st time.
  • Works closely with stakeholders to identify existing resources to ensure youth are being connected with the appropriate support within their communities.

Youth Counsellor

Offers drop-in and by-appointment brief intervention services. The goal is to support youth in identifying key challenges in their lives and taking the initial steps to address and make positive changes while working with youth to transition into long-term external support in their communities.

  • Offer group program opportunities on a variety of topics including anger management, healthy relationships, grief and peer support.
  • Offer regular group drop-in opportunities within HRM facilities
  • Offer one-on-one scheduled appointments within HRM facilities

Community Crisis Response

Has your community experienced a crisis where youth have been impacted?

  • The Mobile Youth Support Team offers post-crisis debrief opportunities within local Recreation Centers specifically for youth (ages 13-24) when a crisis occurs in a community and youth are impacted.
  • The Mobile Youth Support Team can also when appropriate come to alternative locations within the community such as schools, churches, and community centers, to participate in debriefing and supportive conversations for impacted youth within their communities.

If you have experienced a crisis within your community and would look to touch base with the Mobile Youth Support Team please contact us.

Contact us:

  • DM us on Instagram: @hfxnextgen
  • E-mail:
  • Text/Call:
    • Youth Counsellor: 902.476.2595
    • Youth Outreach Worker: 902.476.1668

Calendar of Drop-in Locations for the Mobile Youth Support Team

text says "Mobile Youth Support Team" with email and @hfxnextgen Instagram account