About the Affordable Access Program

The Affordable Access Program allows qualified residents to apply for municipal subsidized programs. This application allows residents to apply once and have their application package sent to all the programs that they wish to apply for. If you need help with your application, call 311.

Learn who is eligible, how to apply, and when applications are due.

What is available as part of the Affordable Access Program?

Affordable Access Transit Pass

Allows participants to purchase a monthly adult transit pass for 50% of the regular price for one year.

Important information

The program begins in July of each year, and once you have received approval you will have access to the program until June of the following year.

Any person who does not purchase a bus pass for 6 back-to-back months will be removed from the program.

Recreation Access Program

Provides either partial (50%) or full (100%) payment for Recreation programs for children, youth, and adults in financial need.

Important information

Once your application has been approved, the discount is applied to your account for one calendar year from the approval date. This is not a program registration form. Please register separately for programs online or by contacting your local community centre.

Property Tax Exemption and Deferral Program

Helps homeowners pay their property tax through a payment plan, a deferral of property tax (payment is delayed to a later date), or a deferral of local improvement charges.

Important information

The program accepts applications from June until December 31 each year