Earth Day

icons representing climate action with the words "celebrating Earth Day" over a light blue background

April 22 is Earth Day. To celebrate, we’re highlighting some of the ways we’re advancing our commitment to climate action across the municipality and sharing tips for everyday changes you can make in your community.

Tips for celebrating Earth Day

  • Intensifying storm systems and rainier spring seasons are increasing the risk of flooding for homeowners. Consider nature-based solutions for managing water on your property like using a rain barrel or planting a rain garden. Rain barrels are a great way to reuse collected water during warm weather, and rain gardens offer a range of benefits from reducing flooding and soil erosion to helping pollinators like bees and hummingbirds.
  • Learn more about HalifACT, the municipality’s long-term climate action plan. Commitment to climate action means continuing to adapt and prepare for the impacts of climate change while protecting the natural environment and looking for ways to enhance resiliency through green energy. HalifACT is already taking action by transitioning to electric buses and fleet vehicles, retrofitting municipal buildings for energy efficiency, and investing in emergency preparedness, storm water protection and food security. Learn more about our recent efforts in the latest HalifACT community update
  • Explore the parks and trails the Halifax Regional Municipality has to offer. Learn more about the Green Network Plan and naturalization efforts in communities across the region.
  • Participate in our LakeWatchers program. Our community-based lake monitoring program, LakeWatchers, gathers water quality data that will help us understand the health of our lakes and how they are changing. Data collected will inform planning policies for future growth and development.
  • Clean up after your dogs and throw it in the garbage, even if it’s in a wooded area. Animal waste contains bacteria and parasites, such as E. coli, giardia and salmonella. Waste washes from streets, parks and private property into our waterways, which pollutes our watershed. This poses a health risk to both humans and other animals. High bacteria levels in the water not only pollute our watersheds but can lead to beach closures throughout the summer. Learn more about our Canines for Clean Water initiative. 
  • Download the Litterati app, where you can join the municipality’s ongoing CLEANHRM challenge to collect and document your clean up efforts.
  • Discover how we’re investing in low-carbon transportation options through the Integrated Mobility Plan.


Halifax ranked 11th among 70 cities in the 2023 Corporate Knights’ Sustainable Cities Index.

We're pleased to share that Halifax ranked 11th among 70 cities in the 2023 Corporate Knights’ Sustainable Cities IndexThe Corporate Knights’ Sustainable Cities Index (CKSCI) measures and evaluates environmental sustainability performance in 70 cities around the globe. 

Cities are evaluated based on data collected, either from public sources or directly from the cities themselves, for 12 CKSCI indicators, including public spaces, air pollution and solid waste generation; as well as multiple metrics relating to climate change, water and transportation.

Learn more about the ways HalifACT is being recognized as a leader in climate action