Bayers Lake Business Park

Bayers Lake Business Park has witnessed spectacular growth since its development in the mid-1980s. Its location at the junction of Highways 102 and 103, its immediate proximity to the rapidly developing Clayton Park area, and how close it is to downtown Halifax and port facilities have all contributed to the success of the Bayers Lake Business Park.

Over 580 acres (236 hectares) in size, Bayers Lake Business Park is one of the major concentrations of light industrial and commercial activity in the Halifax region. In particular, warehouse retail “superstores” have recognized the value of Bayers Lake Business Park’s strategic location, including Costco, Walmart, Kent Building Supplies, Staples, and Future Shop to name a few.

However, Bayers Lake Business Park is more than retail. Major warehousing, trucking, distribution, and manufacturing operations have been established in the park.

Facts and figures about Bayers Lake

Enterprises:  300+
Employment:  2,000 
Total gross area:  582 acres
Developed area:  376.3 acres
Undeveloped area:  205.7 acres

Download a map of Bayers Lake Business Park in [PDF].


Bayers Lake Park is:

  • directly connected to Highways 102 and 103
  • 11 km from downtown Halifax
  • 5 km from Ceres Container Terminal
  • 15 km from Halterm Container Terminal
  • 36 km from Halifax International Airport

Lot availability and price lists

There are currently no lots for sale in Bayers Lake park.