Burnside Industrial Park

Burnside is the largest industrial park north of Boston and east of Montreal, with almost 2,000 enterprises and approximately 30,000 employees. 

Burnside Park is a centrally located urban industrial park with superb transportation links.
Burnside is located adjacent to five 100-series highways, providing quick access to and from the park. Additionally, Burnside businesses are located within 10-15 minutes travel time to the downtown Halifax, the Halifax International Airport, and the Port of Halifax.
Burnside is extensively serviced by C.N.R. mainline, siding, and common user facilities, and is home to the largest concentration of truck transportation in Atlantic Canada. The park is also served by public transit links including the Rapid Transit bus route.

Facts and figures about Burnside

Combined with City of Lakes Business Park, Burnside contains: 
Enterprises: 2,000+/-  
Employment: 30,000+
Total Gross Area: 3,400 acres


Burnside Park is:

  • directly accessible from Highways 111 and 118
  • 10 km from downtown Halifax 
  • 5 km from Ceres Container Terminal
  • 11 km from Halterm Container Terminal
  • 21 km from Halifax International Airport

Lot availability and price lists 

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Maps and plans 

The following are in [PDF]. 

Layout Map of Phase 12-6
 (Featuring Lots 1280-1298A)

Thornhill Drive - Lot L-52A1-CX

Trider Crescent - Portion of PID's 40857245 & 41103474

Layout Map of Phase 12-5
 (Featuring Lots 12-5-01, 12-5-02, 12-5-03, 12-5-04, 12-5-05, 12-5-06, 12-5-07)

Layout Map of Phase 12-4
 (Featuring Lots 1262 - 1279)

Layout Map of Phase 12-3
 (Featuring Lots 1252 - 1261) 

Layout Map of Phase 12-2
 (Featuring Lots 1248 & 1249)