Case 20218 - Spring Garden Road, Robie and Carlton Streets


The applicant has provided revised information. Please refer to the Status and Documents Submitted for Evaluation sections of this page for more information.


Application by Dexel Developments Limited to amend the Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy and Halifax Peninsula Land Use By-law to allow a mixed-use development at 1403 Robie Street; PID 00135384; 5954A/5954, 5958A/5958B/5960/5962/5964/5966/5966A; 5970/5972; 5980; 5982; 5984/5986; 5990/5992 and 5994 Spring Garden Road; and 1478; 1480;1484; and 1494 Carlton Street.


Dexel Developments Limited is applying to amend the Halifax Municipal Planning Strategy and Halifax Peninsula Land Use By-law to allow mixed-use (residential and commercial) development for lands fronting Spring Garden Road, Robie Street and Carlton Street, Halifax.  If approved, the proposed amendments would allow for future consideration of a development agreement for mixed use development, consisting of: towers up to 90 metres in height and 750 square metres in size; streetwalls and building podiums between 13 metres and 16 metres in height; and a total floor area ratio (FAR) of 8.0, while maintaining prescribed setback distances from, and integrating the overall development with, registered heritage properties located along Carlton Street. 


Heritage Application/Proposal:

The subject site includes four registered heritage properties along Carleton Street (#1478, #1480/#1484 and #1494 Carlton Street).  On January 29, 2019, Halifax Regional Council approved substantial alterations for the 4 registered heritage properties.  The substantial alterations included the following:
•    Removing a portion of the rear wing of 1478 Carlton Street to facilitate the subdivision of the property and shortening of the rear yard;
•    Restoring the original central chimneys of 1480 and 1484 Carlton Street;
•    Replacing modern windows at the rear of 1480 and 1484 Carlton Street with new windows in-keeping with the building’s character;
•    Removing modern dormer windows on the front and rear of 1480 and 1484 Carlton Street, and restoration of original two-over-two single hung windows;
•    Removing an attached dwelling and breezeway at 1494 Carlton Street to allow construction of a commercial access and construction of a new building podium; and 
•    Undertaking a complete restoration of 1494 Carlton Street to its original form and configuration based on photographic and archival evidence.
The substantial alterations were reviewed by the Heritage Advisory Committee on December 12, 2018.


The application is a request for new planning policy. Before Regional Council can make any decision about the proposal, a Public Hearing must be held.  Additional information regarding the process can be found in the staff report to Regional Council.


On August 1, 2017, Regional Council directed staff to consider this application as a site-specific amendment to the current Municipal Planning Strategy policy.  Specifically, Regional Council directed staff to continue to process this request for site-specific secondary municipal planning strategy amendments subject to the proposals: (a) generally aligning with the June 2017 Centre Plan document relative to Urban Structure, Height and Floor Area Ratio, and (b) addressing the planning principles of transition, pedestrian-orientation, human-scale, building design, and context-sensitive as noted the report. 

As part of the public engagement strategy for this application, Halifax Peninsula Planning Advisory Committee and municipal Planning Staff held a public meeting on Monday, June 11, 2018. (Public Meeting Notes)

 This application was reviewed by the Halifax Peninsula Planning Advisory Committee on August 20, 2018.  (Staff Presentation to Halifax Peninsula Planning Advisory Committee). 

The Heritage Advisory Committee (HAC) reviewed this application on Wednesday, June 5, 2019, at 3:00 p.m. at Halifax Hall, City Hall, 1841 Argyle Street, Halifax.

Regional Council hosted a public hearing on July 15, 2019 at Halifax City Hall.  Following the hearing, Regional Council passed a motion to adopt the proposed MPS and LUB amendments. The amendments have been reviewed by the Provincial Director of Planning and are now in effect. The amendments allow for the consideration of development through the development agreement process.

Before a development agreement is approved, Halifax and West Community Council (HWCC) must host a public hearing.  Following this public hearing, HWCC will make a decision on the development agreement. 

copy of the staff report may be obtained by contacting the office of the Municipal Clerk at 902-490-4210. 

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans and studies required by municipal staff to properly evaluate the application. 

Updated Materials Submitted in June 2021

•    Design Rationale (Updated – June 2021) (PDF)
•    Site Plan/Setback Plan (Updated – June 2021) (PDF)
•    Building Drawings (PDF)
•    Perspective Drawings (PDF)
•    Shadow Study (PDF)
•    Traffic Impact Study (PDF)
•    Rampart Certification (PDF)

Materials Submitted before June 2021

•    Proposed Design Rationale (Updated - March 2019) (PDF)
•    Proposed Design Rationale (Superseded - August 2018) (PDF)
•    Site Plan (Revised May 10, 2018) (PDF)
•    Proposed Cross Section (looking south from Spring Garden Road) (PDF)
•    Application Package (PDF)
•    Proposed Setback Plan (PDF)
•   Wind and Shadow Analysis (PDF)
•   Traffic Impact Study (PDF)
•   Staff Presentation to Halifax Peninsula PAC (PDF)

Contact Information

For further information, please contact:

Tyson Simms

Planner III

Planning and Development, Regional Planning

Telephone: 902.460.6983

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HRM Planning and Development

Regional Planning

PO Box: 1749,


Nova Scotia,

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