Case 21460 - Residential Development Opportunity Site C, south of Ingram Drive and west of Highway 102, Fall River


The municipality is currently undertaking a second round of Community Consultation and is requesting that residents complete the following survey regarding the proposed development. The survey will be open until April 22, 2022. See the status section for the survey link.


Application by KWR Approvals Inc., on behalf of Perry Lake Developments, for a site-specific amendment to the River-Lakes Secondary Planning Strategy (SPS) under the Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) for Planning Districts 14 and 17 (Shubenacadie Lakes), to enable a residential development at the south end of Ingram Drive and west of Highway 102, Fall River, known as Opportunity Site C (PID 40844375, 40551277, 00472910, 00472902 and 40551558).


The applicant proposes to develop three multiple-unit buildings (each three stories in height) each containing 40 dwelling units on a 30-acre (12.8 ha) property, known as Opportunity Site C, located at the end of Ingram Drive, in Fall River Village. The proposed development consists of:
•    Minimum of 60% of the site is retained as open space;
•    Controls on lighting;
•    Provision for a future connector trail to the MacDonald Sports Park; and,
•    Traffic Study verifying the suitability of the development in local traffic conditions and
•    Phosphorus Net Loading Assessment all phosphorus can be retained on-site in a post-development environment.
MPS Policy Amendment 
Required change to the River-Lakes Secondary Plan (SPS) under the MPS for Planning Districts 14 and 17. The applicant is requesting the following policy changes to enable the proposed development:
•    Eliminate the requirement for direct vehicular access to the Cobequid Road

2016 - Case 20672 (previous application)

•    Development agreement application for three multiple-unit residential buildings (total of 116 residential units), a commercial building, and a self-storage facility was submitted. 
•    Planning policy requires a road connection from Ingram Drive to Cobequid Road. 
•    Canadian National Rail would not grant permission for a road to cross the rail line. 
•    The road connection over the rail line to Cobequid Road was intended for commercial uses. 
•    This application was discontinued. 
2018 – Case 21460 (current process)
•    February 27th     Regional Council initiated a new planning process. An application was submitted to remove the road requirement from MPS policy and allow additional residential density instead of commercial uses at Site C.
•    The application initially was for townhouses units and two 60 unit apartment buildings
•    June 13, 2018 A public information meeting will be held as part of the planning application. View the meeting notes.
•    KWR Approvals Inc. was retained as a consultant for Perry Lake Developments 
•    posted revised drawings of the development proposal in April
•    continued to work through issues
•    KWR Approvals Inc. submitted revised drawings in February 
•    Municipal staff are preparing for the second round of community engagement 


This application is being considered under the Municipal Planning Strategy Amendment and Development Agreement process.


Municipal staff are currently reviewing the most recent revised submission package which can be viewed below. The most recent revised plans attempt to address public concerns and satisfy the existing policy criteria. 

Municipal staff are currently preparing for a second round of community consultation. All community members who attended the last meeting will be included in the future engagement for this case. Information on any future engagement will also be posted on this webpage.

Once the second round of public engagement is complete and staff have analyzed the results, a report with a recommendation will be prepared and submitted from staff to Regional Council and North West Community Council for a public hearing and a decision of the proposal. 

This website will be updated in advance of a future Public Hearing once a date has been scheduled. In addition, all residents that were sent a notice for the Public Information Meeting or for notification of the Survey will also be notified of the Public Hearing in advance and will be offered an opportunity to participate to express your views to Council. 


We are looking for your feedback on a development proposal for three new multiple unit buildings, each three stories in height and each containing 40 dwelling units (for a total of 120 units on 30 acres of land) on Site C, Ingram Drive in Fall River. This survey will be available until April 22, 2022

Documents Submitted for Evaluation

The applicant has submitted plans and studies required by municipal staff to properly evaluate the application. The documents submitted may be revised upon a complete review of the proposal and consultation with the community. Revisions will be uploaded to this website as they are received. The relevant documents are linked below but these documents may alternatively be provided either by email or regular mail by making this request to the planner listed below.

Most Recent Submission – Feb 25, 2022

Proposal Description
Area Context Concept Plan
Concept Plan
Landscaping Master Plan
Typical Elevation
Traffic Impact Study
View from Neighbourhoods
View from Surrounding Streets
Proposed Stormwater Management Plan
Phosphorous Net Loading Plan
Erosion and Sed. Control Plan

Frequently Asked Questions 

Revised Submission – April 22, 2020
Concept Plan
Landscaping Plan
Traffic Impact Study
Servicing Plans
Stormwater Management Plan
Erosion and Sedimentation Control Plan
Phosphorus Net Loading Plan
Phosphorus Net Loading Study

Any information posted prior to 2020 has been removed to provide room for more recent information. 

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