Apply for a sub-division of land

Whenever you want to create new property boundaries or propose an alteration to your current property boundaries, you have to file an application with the municipal government. This only applies if as-of-right development is allowed on the property.

Subdivision Final Approval Process

For infill lots on an existing public street where no service (municipal sewer, stormwater and water) upgrades are required, a final subdivision application may be made. This involves a full survey of all proposed lots. The Development Officer may approve the proposed subdivision provided that the lots meet servicing, zoning and driveway access requirements, and provided that all applicable parkland and subdivision fees are submitted.

Please note that park dedication is required for any net lot gain and payment must be received prior to lot endorsement. Parkland is calculated based on the estimated assessed current market value of any new lot, as required by the Regional Subdivision By-law.

Application Subdivision Approval Form - Preliminary, concept, tentative or final application types with complete application checklist.

Application Form for Subdivision Approval Form HRMSD-1 - Final Subdivision Application Statement of plan registration location and request to not consolidate underlying lots.
Please see the Guide to Subdivision for more information. Please contact us for details or refer to section 106 of the regional subdivision by-law for additional information.

Subdivision Preliminary Approval Process

Where infill lots are being contemplated, and if an applicant is unsure as to whether their land is capable of being subdivided, a preliminary subdivision application may be submitted. This stage is optional, and the information is not required to be prepared by a Nova Scotia Land Surveyor. Please contact us for additional details or refer to Section 87(2) of the Regional Subdivision By-law.

Subdivision Concept Approval Process

Where new streets are to be constructed in more than one phase of development, the first step of the subdivision process requires the approval of a Concept Plan for the entire area of land being developed. The main intent of this requirement is to ensure the subdivision layout results in a well co-ordinated pattern of development.

Concept subdivision application fee is $600.00 and requires a plan prepared by a Nova Scotia Land Surveyor or Professional Engineer, as well as information required under Parts 91-98 of the Regional Subdivision By-law. Please review the Guide to the Subdivision Concept Plan Process for more information.