Design Advisory Committee

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On December 3, 2019, Halifax Regional Council approved the creation of the Design Advisory Committee. 

The Committee shall advise the Development Officer on matters relating to Level II and Level III site plan approval applications within the Regional Centre Plan Area (Package A) with respect to: 

  • the design requirements set out in Part VI of the Regional Centre Land Use By-law (LUB); and  
  • any requested variations to the requirements of the LUB if the requested variation meets the variation criteria contained in Part VI of the LUB, and are enabled under Section 28:   

    (a) roof edge setbacks of height-exempted rooftop features listed in Table 4; 
    (b) location of a structure on a lot in relation to maximum front and flanking yards; 
    (c) minimum streetwall height; (d) maximum streetwall height; 
    (e) side and rear setbacks for portions of a high-rise building above the streetwall; 
    (f) side and rear setbacks for portions of a tall mid-rise building above the streetwall; 
    (g) maximum width of a building below the height of the streetwall; and 
    (h) side yard setback for pedestrian access. 

More detail about the committee's role can be found in the staff report [PDF] and the Terms of Reference (Administrative Order 2019-011-GOV) [PDF]

The Design Advisory Committee normally meets on the second Wednesday of each month, at 4:30 p.m. Meeting dates and times are subject to change. Check the calendar below, and the agenda (once available) to confirm the exact date and time for each meeting.

You can find agendas and minutes online. You can also search for records of board and committee meetings.


Sujana Devabhaktuni
Thomas Gribbin
Sarah MacDonald
Cristina Verissimo

Staff Contact for the Design Advisory Committee

Krista Vining, Acting Deputy Clerk

To submit correspondence, email  Would you like to learn more about correspondence?