Road Safety Dashboard

The Road Safety Dashboard offers a comprehensive overview of annual collision data from 2018 to present day. The collision data presented includes collisions occurring within the road right-of-way and excludes any collisions occurring on private property. Injury collisions may involve injuries to more than one person and collisions may overlap between multiple emphasis areas.

The data is based on closed collision files received from Halifax Regional Police and RCMP up to the date indicated and is subject to change in future updates. A collision map supporting the detailed data provides a visual representation of the locations where all collisions throughout the municipality have occurred. 

The dashboard also allows users to track progress the municipality is making on a number of different road safety initiatives as we work together to accomplish our Towards Zero goals. Note that targets are based on fiscal year commitments, where annual installations are based on the calendar year to better align with collision data.

The Road Safety Dashboard will be updated monthly to provide information on our road safety progress. Updates will occur on the first Sunday of every month, with a one- month lag in data to allow time for collision files to be closed.

Direct link to Road Safety Dashboard