Street and Sidewalk Events


If your event falls within the Exchange Area boundary (orange line on map), it is an HRM event.  Fill out the appropriate application below.

The Province of Nova Scotia is responsible for events within HRM but outside of the Exchange Area.  You can find information regarding events organized on roads maintained by the Province at:

Events on Provincial Roads



If you are interested in hosting a block party or looking for information on what is involved in hosting a block party, call 3-1-1 or email directly for information.  You must fill out a Block Party Application, including agreeing to the Covid-19 protocols as identified on the application.  Fill out the application, save it as a pdf file and return to the e-mail address noted on the application.




For other events (parade, walk, run, march, etc) in the public right-of-way (street or sidewalk), you are required to fill out a public right-of-way event application.  Each application will be reviewed on its own merit, with safety of participants the number one consideration.  Per the Motor Vehicle Act, these events must be approved by the Traffic Authority and an approved event will receive a permit signed by the Traffic Authority. There is no fee for the permit. You can fill out the application and return the saved pdf file to the email address on the application.  Larger events requiring municipal services such as police or street closures may be redirected to the Special Event Task Force.  More information can be found below.

Public Right of Way Event Application - Fillable (PDF)


Please note that any event requiring municipal services must adhere to ADMINISTRATIVE ORDER NUMBER 2014-010-ADM RESPECTING Special Events Task Force Process for Events, Parades & Street Closures.  

Please visit the Special Events Task Force page for more information on planning events in the municipality.