How to get a vendor’s licence

If you want to sell food or handmade crafts at a specific site on municipal land, you need to have a vendor’s license.

There are four different kinds of vendor’s licenses in Halifax:

  • Food Service Vehicle
  • Food Stand
  • Bicycle Wagon
  • Artisan Stand
Vending Type Fee
Vending Type Fee
Food Service Vehicle $915
Bicycle Wagon $120
Stand $230
Artisans and Crafts People- Spring Garden Road $35
Artisans and Crafts People-Waterfront (Sackville Landing and Nathan Green) $250

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The applicant/license holder shall be familiar with and abide by all vending regulations in accordance with By-Law C-501. In accordance with Section 39 of By-Law C-501, a site license may not be permitted to operate during a Festival or Special Event approved by HRM.