Temporary Signs

Temporary signs are any signs NOT intended for permanent installation and are intended to be used for a limited time. These could include signs for:

  •  special events
  •  sales
  •  sale or rental of property
  •  supporting political candidates or positions
  •  community events
  •  presenting other miscellaneous or incidental information or instructions

Temporary Sign Fees

What kind of sign do I need a licence for? Fees Effective April 1st, 2023.
Type of temporary sign Fee
Type of temporary sign Fee
Multiple resident sign $37.00 per licence per 30-day occasion, maximum 60 days, twice yearly
Mobile sign $37.00 per license per 30 day occasion to a maximum 1 year
Box sign $140.00 per license per year
Banner sign $70.00 per license per occasion to a maximum 30 days
Sandwich board $94.00 per license per year
Inflatable sign $37.00 per license per 30 day occasion to a maximum 1 year
Community event sign $25.00
Multi special event sign $37.00 per license per 14 day occasion, maximum twice year/per property.

How long will it take to obtain a license?

Every effort is made to issue a license in five business days. Call 311 to inquire about the status of your application.

You don’t need a license for

  • sandwich board signs on private property
  •  short-term signs on private property
  •  light standard signs on private property
  •  light standard banners on private property
  •  posters
  •  election signs 

How do I apply for a temporary sign license?

To apply online you'll need a customer portal account. Not sure how to do that? View the job aide for setting up your customer portal account.

Apply Online Today

You need to file a separate application for each sign license, and each application must include:

  •  name of the applicant
  •  written consent from the owner of the premises, if other than the applicant
  • proof of insurance for sandwich boards in the street right of way
  •  a site plan that shows: location & measurements of the proposed sign from curb or travelled way; sign orientation; the location of all other signs on the property; vehicle access locations; north arrow; the distance between on-site signs; the distance of all LED or electronic signs within 300m of property; property lines; adjacent streets; parking; buildings; landscaped areas; location and distance of key decision-making points (see guidelines); labels and directions where applicable. Metric only.
  •  a graphic design, drawn to metric scale showing the design and construction material of the sign
  • payment of fees
  • please review the variable message sign guidelines[PDF] to ensure you are adhering to the requirements