Taxi, Limousine and TNCs

Starting Nov. 1, 2020, all taxi brokers, independent brokers and transportation network companies (TNCs) must be licensed to operate in the municipality. 

What is a TNC?

TNC stands for Transportation Network Company. These companies provide prearranged transportation services for compensation within the Municipality using any software, application, telecommunications platform or digital network to connect passengers with TNC Drivers.

As of Dec. 1, 2020 the TNCs approved to operate in HRM are as follows:

  • Uber Canada Inc.

Who is a broker or independent broker?

A broker is a person or company that provides dispatch service of taxis and accessible taxis. Currently the municipality has four brokers, including Bobs Taxi, Casino Taxi, Satellite Taxi and Yellow Cab.

An independent broker is a person who is a taxi owner and driver and does not subscribe to a dispatch service that would be provided by a broker. This includes all independent taxi owners who may have one or multiple vehicles in their fleet.

What do brokers, independent brokers and TNCs require to be licensed in HRM?

Brokers, independent brokers and TNCs will be required to provide the Licensing Authority with reporting of data on trips and to pay an annual licensing fee.

When will the application to become a broker, independent broker or TNC be available?

Further information will be available in the coming weeks. Please continue to check back here or phone 311 to speak with Licensing staff.