Applying as a taxi or limousine driver

You must complete the following steps to get your taxi or limousine driver's license in Halifax. 

If you have a concern about either your driver abstract or criminal record report, please email the Taxi Office or by contacting 311 before completing the English test or applying.

Step one

You will need to successfully complete an English language proficiency test that is equivalent to a minimum of a level 5 in the Canadian Language Benchmarks.

Looking for where to take your test? Testing options:

East Coast Language College 902.491.1526

Step two

You will need to complete a Criminal Record Check with a Vulnerable Sector Check

**Please note: This process can take approximately 10 business days to receive the Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Checks by mail. Please allow enough time to complete this process as the original copy will need to be included with the other paperwork provided during the application process at the Customer Service locations. Receipts will no longer be accepted.

For Renewal of Licenses: Receipts will not be accepted. Please complete this process at least 20 business days prior to the expiry of your license.

Criminal Record Check (CRC) forms can  be completed at 1975 Gottingen Street, Halifax- Headquarters between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.:

  •  Halifax Regional Police will contact you by phone or email if you need to be fingerprinted. If your previous CRC’s have required fingerprints, you will always need to get fingerprints done for any CRC in the future.

We do not recommend online sites as generally they do not come with the vulnerable sector check.

Your paperwork must be valid within 30 days when you submit your package.

(Cost: $50)


You will need to complete a Child Abuse Registry Check

There are now two ways to request the Child Abuse Registry check:

Follow this link to apply online. This process takes approximately 2 weeks, and should be completed in the same timeframe as the Criminal Record and Vulnerable Sector Check.

To send by mail, complete the application form found under 'Other Ways to Apply' at the bottom of the page, through the link. This search takes ten business days to process.

The completed results will be sent to you by mail from the Department of Community Services.

(Cost: No Fee)

Step three

Visit a Municipal Customer Service Centre  and submit the following:

1. Completed Driver Application [PDF];
2. Criminal Record/Vulnerable Sector check, current within 30 days;
3. Child Abuse Registry check results, current within 30 days;
4. Driver’s (Client Use) Abstract, current within 30 days;
5. Two passport-sized photos, dated and stamped within 30 days;
6. English language test results;
7. Nova Scotia driver’s license (minimum class 4);
8. $50 application fee

Applications take five business days to process. The Taxi Office will contact you once your application has been processed. When your application is approved, you may continue to Step four to register for testing.

Step four

The Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) will be administering testing of the knowledge exams.

Once your application has been approved, HRM will contact TIANS on your behalf. You will then receive an email from TIANS with instructions on the next steps in the testing process. Please do not register for testing prior to receiving this confirmation email.  

If you have questions about the registration process please visit the instruction guide [PDF].

Contact Lynn McDonagh Hughes by email or by phone at 902-423-4480 if you have any further questions about the registration and testing process. 

The knowledge exams include:

To prepare for the test, look at the Destination Halifax website. Although not a complete guide, it’s a good starting point to familiarize yourself with the region. Don’t forget to review the Taxi and Limousine Bylaw.

You have two attempts at passing the tests per application within 12 months of the date of your application.

To pass, you must score 70 percent or above on each test.

You will receive an email within three business days of writing your tests with your test results.

In the event you have not passed the tests and this is your first attempt, you will need to re-register for testing. Log in and schedule a second attempt within 12 months of the date of your application.

If you fail the retest, you must wait three months before reapplying to the Customer Service Centre. You don’t have to retake the English language test.

Step five

Once you have passed your knowledge exams, you must register for the National Certification Program (NSTHRC) [PDF] before you receive your Conditional Taxi Driver's License.

The certification fee is $207 and is paid to the Tourism Industry Association of Nova Scotia (TIANS) directly. 

TIANS will notify the Taxi Office to confirm your registration for the National Certification Program. Your Conditional License will then be sent in the mail.

Step six

Your Conditional License is valid for 12 months from the date of issue.

Winter Driving

Beginning February 2021, all conditional license holders are required to complete a winter driving course prior to becoming a permanent taxi driver. The list of approved winter driving training providers are:

  • Safety Services of Nova Scotia
    • Cost of online training course: $60.00. Due to Covid-19, only online courses are available. You must have a credit card and email address to apply for an account to register. If you do not have a credit card or email address or would like to attend the course in person please register with Safety Services of Nova Scotia to be waitlisted for the in-classroom training when it becomes available.
    • The completion certificate must be provided to the Taxi Office when applying for your permanent license in step seven.

National Certification Program

You have 12 months to complete the National Certification Program. Failure to complete the program before your Conditional License expires WILL RESULT in your license being terminated.

As soon as you receive the certificate for completing the program, continue to step seven to become a permanent taxi driver. Your paperwork must be submitted to Customer Service, noted below in step seven, before the expiry date on your Conditional License.

Step seven

Before your one-year conditional license expires you must submit the following documents to any Municipal Customer Service Centre.

1. Criminal record/vulnerable sector check, current within 30 days;
2. Child Abuse Registry check results, current within 30 days;
3. Nova Scotia provincial driver’s license (minimum class 4);
4. Driver’s (Client Use) Abstract, must be current within 30 days;
5. Two passport-sized photos, dated and stamped within 30 days;
6. Proof of national certification from TIANS;
7. License renewal fee $100.

If you don’t submit these documents before your license expires, your license is void and you will be required to start the process again.

It will take a minimum of five business days to process your application, after which the Taxi Office will mail out your permanent Taxi and Limousine Driver’s License via Canada Post.