FAQs – By-law Updates

What is changing?

The municipality is changing regulations around taxis, limousines and transportation networking companies (or ride-sharing companies).

One change is the introduction of licensing brokers. Independent owner/operators that are not currently affiliated with a broker will be required to become a licensed broker if they wish to remain independent.

Who is an independent broker?

An independent broker is an independent owner that is not affiliated with a large broker that provides dispatching services (i.e. Casino Taxi, Bobs Taxi, Yellow Cab or Satellite Taxi).

Is there a fee for me as an independent broker?

A fee of $300 is required annually for all brokers, including independent brokers.

What data do I need to collect?

The data must include:

  • the total number of trips fulfilled, quarterly;
  • the total number of taxi drivers providing a ride, quarterly;
  • the taxi driver and vehicle information corresponding with each requested ride, including:
    • the full name of the taxi driver;
    • the licence plate number of the vehicle;
    • the date, time and duration of the ride; and
    • the longitude and latitude where the passenger was picked up and dropped off

How do I collect this data? How do I report it?

Examples of these GPS systems are HiTech Communications, Northern Business Intelligence, Drive Products and Atlantic Alarm Sound and Trackimo 3G Tracking Kit.

Every global positioning system must:

(a) be capable of tracking and locating the position of a vehicle;

(b) include a vehicle location system;

(c) be equipped with an emergency call button;

(d) be fully operational at all times when the vehicle is available for hire to the public; and

(e) be capable of storing data that shall be shared, upon request, with the Licensing Authority

The data must be kept for a minimum period of 1 year. Reports are to be provided quarterly to the Licensing Authority and on demand as required for investigations within 24 hours.

As an independent broker, all data is reported to the Licensing Authority through the Secure Form Document link listed on the website.