Artisan Licence

If you want to sell handmade crafts, at a specific site on municipal land, you need to have an artisan vending licence. Availability of municipal sites will vary from year to year.

What is an Artisan?

Artisan means a painter, photographer, silversmith, weaver, jeweler, candle maker, leather worker or other like artisan who resides in Nova Scotia and manufactures their own products or vends handmade products made within Nova Scotia.

When can a person with a valid Artisan licence, sell their handcrafts?

 A person can only vend during the months of May through October in any year.

Where would I find a copy of the Vending on Municipal Land Bylaw C-501?

The applicant/licence holder shall be familiar with and abide by all vending regulations in accordance with By-Law C-501. In accordance with Section 39 of By-Law C-501, a site licence may not be permitted to operate during a Festival or Special Event approved by the HRM.

List of Artisan sites 

The following is a list of sites for Artisans, pending availability. 

  • On the sidewalk, North side of Spring Garden Rd (Public Gardens) between South Park Street and Summer Street
  • Sackville Landing, 9 sites located on the Event Plaza at the SE side of Sackville Street and Lower Water Street
  • Nathan Greene Square, 10 sites located in park area east of Provincial Courts building,

north of Ferry Terminal building

*Special Notice for Ferry Terminal Park* Construction work on the Alderney Wharf is anticipated to begin in late Summer of 2021. This construction will not impact the sites of Ferry Terminal Park Artisans but vendors may not want to use the spaces during this time. Please keep this in mind when applying for an artisan site this year.


Note: Each year, Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) will update this website with information relative to the first day HRM sells Artisan licences. The selected date will be prior to the start of the Artisan season, first of May, in a given year. If you are unable to participate in the first day HRM sells Artisan licences, you can still apply for an artisan licence, from any of the remaining artisan sites, on first come first service basis.


How much does an Artisan’s license cost?

Artisan Vending Type Fee
Artisan Vending Type Fee
Spring Garden Rd (Public Gardens) $35
Sackville Landing (Halifax Waterfront) $250
Nathan Greene Square (Halifax Waterfront) $250
Ferry Terminal Park (Dartmouth) $100


What do I need to apply for an Artisan Vending license?    

To apply for an Artisan vending license, you will need to provide the following documents:

  • several photographs of the crafts if more than one type of craft being sold
  • price list for all items sold
  • a statement to the effect that the applicant made or manufactured the handcraft or the handcrafts are made within Nova Scotia

Where can I submit my vending application?

Once the application date is announced you can apply online or at a Municipal Customer Service CentreTo apply online you'll need a customer portal account. Not sure how to do that? View the job aide for setting up your customer portal account.

How long will it take to obtain a license?

Every effort is made to issue an Artisan license in five business days. You can call 311 to check on the status of your application after the five business days. Remember to have your application number when making inquiries or submitting additional information.


Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Can a person hang their products for sale from natural or man-made structures, including Public Garden’s Fence?

A1: A person who vends shall not hang products for sale from the following:

  • Natural or man-made structures (including Public Garden’s Fence)
  • Trees
  • Bushes
  • Posts


Q2: Does a person need an artisan license from the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) License Office, if a person sells handcrafts on private property?

A2: The vending by-law C-501 only issues artisan licenses for specific sites on municipal land.