July 15, 2020 North West Planning Advisory Committee Special Meeting


Time: 7:00 p.m.

Location: Virtual Meeting


* A dial-in or live broadcast of this meeting is not available. In accordance with the March 22, 2020 direction of the Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing under section 14 of the Emergency Management Act, draft minutes of this meeting will be made available on halifax.ca within 24 hours of this meeting.


2. APPROVAL OF MINUTES – March 4, 2020, May 27, 2020 and June 24, 2020



5.1.1 Case 20110: Application by WSP, on behalf of Marque Investments, to enable the development of an open space subdivision design on four properties, identified as PID No. 41043597, 40010514, 41398694 and 41401159, located along Windgate Drive, between Rivendale Drive and Terry Road, in Beaver Bank, NS. [PDF]

An application for an Open Space Design Development for the subject lands was originally submitted in January 2014 (Case 19059), prior to the adoption of the 2014 Regional Plan Review (RP+5) in June 2014. Therefore, this application is grandfathered under the 2006 Regional Plan policies. Open Space Design Development applications are generally reviewed in two stages: Stage I involves a site analysis identifying primary and secondary features to be avoided and potential development areas; Stage II is also known as the conceptual design process whereby the site layout, number of residential units, unit types, street network, open spaces and trails are reviewed. The Stage II application (Case 20110) included a request to extend the Municipal Water Service Boundary. The service extension component of the application proceeded through the planning process under a separate case number (Case 20264) and was approved by Regional Council in May 2016.

This proposal was previously presented to North West Planning Advisory Committee on January 7, 2016 and November 1, 2017. Since then, the applicant has made additional revisions to the concept plan in response to public feedback and technical requirements to service the development. The major aspects of the most recent proposal are:

• A Classic Open Space Design Development with a total of 368 residential units serviced by municipal water service and private on-site sewer systems
• 197 single unit dwellings and 171 seniors housing units in the form of townhouses (45 units) and multiple unit dwellings (126 units)
• 18.4 acres of parkland including an extension to the Monarch Rivendale Park, a new park at the end of Valerie Court and a trail connecting Duck Lake Brook Greenway and Monarch Rivendale Park
• New public street connections off Wingate Drive, Elise Victoria Drive, Rivendale Drive, Briancrest Drive and Galloway Drive
• Rezoning the lands from Mixed Industrial (I-1) and Mixed Resource (MR-1) to Mixed Use 1 (MU-2)

In preparing the recommendation to North West Community Council, the Committee is being asked to assess potential impact on the community. The following is before the Committee: 

• Land use
• Site layout
• Building design
• Transportation network, traffic generation, access to and egress from the site and parking
• Site suitability

The following is before the Committee:
• Minutes from Public Information Meetings
    o November 18, 2015
    o August 28, 2017
• Most Recent Submission – March 2020
    o Revised Concept Plan
    o Revised Phasing Plan
    o Preliminary Stormwater Management Plan
    o Servicing Plan
    o On-site Septic Letter
    o Sightline Analysis Letter 
• Revised Submission - July 2019: 
    o Revised Concept Plan
    o Revised Traffic Impact Study Addendum
• Previous Submission:
    o Original Concept Plan
    o Original Traffic Study
    o Application Letter
    o Concept Plan A
    o Concept Plan B
    o Phasing Plan A
    o Phasing Plan B
    o Previous Traffic Impact Study Addendum
    o North West PAC Minutes, dated November 1, 2017
    o North West PAC Minutes, dated January 6, 2016 


Information at the above link will be updated as required. For a copy of the materials presented to the Planning Advisory Committee, please contact the Clerk’s Office. 

6.1 Correspondence
6.2 Petitions 

7.1.1 Case 22865:
WSP is applying on behalf of the property owner, to rezone a portion of 1633 Sackville Drive, Middle Sackville, from R-6 (Rural Residential Zone) to R-4 (Multiple Unit Dwelling Zone), to allow for a multiple unit dwelling with four (4) residential dwelling units. [PDF]

The major aspects of the proposal are as follows:

• Designated Urban Residential under the Sackville Municipal Planning Strategy;
• Currently zoned R-6 (Rural Residential) under the Sackville Land Use By-law; 
• The applicant wishes to re-zone a portion of the lot from R-6 to R-4 to enable a 4-unit building. 

• There is an existing single unit dwelling on the lands. This is proposed to stay on the site. A new lot will be subdivided from the property for the 4 unit dwelling. The Final Subdivision application has already been made by the land owner.

• The applicant is proposing to rezone a portion of 1633 Sackville Drive from the R-6 (Rural Residential) Zone to R-4 (Multiple Unit Dwelling) Zone of the Sackville Land Use By-Law.
• The permitted uses in the R-4 Zone (subject to the zone requirements) are as follows:
    o Existing multiple unit dwellings in excess of six (6) units
    o Multiple unit dwellings containing no more than six (6) units
    o Open space uses 
• The applicant is proposing to rezone a portion of the site to allow for a four (4) unit multiple unit dwelling. Through a separate process, the applicant is pursuing a land subdivision to subdivide off a lot to leave the remaining single family dwelling on. So, as part of this application, the area where the existing single family dwelling is located is not requested to be rezoned.
• The proposed building is designed as a 4-unit, 2-storey, townhouse-style multiple unit dwelling with separate exterior entrances for each unit.

Policy UR-7 enables Council to Consider amendments to the Land Use By-law to permit multi-unit buildings up to six units. PAC feedback is sought relative to the application. In preparing a recommendation to the North West Community Council, the Committee is being asked to assess potential impact on the community, specifically:

• the adequacy of separation distances from low density residential developments;
• that the height, bulk, lot coverage and appearance of any building is compatible with adjacent land uses.

The following documents are before the Committee and can be found on the HRM Case Website:
Proposed Site Plan
Concept Subdivision Plan
Planning Rationale

Information at the above link will be updated as required. For a copy of the materials presented to the Planning Advisory Committee, please contact the Clerk’s Office.