Candidate resources and forms

Candidate information guide

Interested in running in the 2024 Municipal and CSAP Election? Download the 2024 candidate information guide to learn more about how to put your name forward as a candidate. 

Download the 2024 guide [PDF]   

Your next steps: Contact the Election Office to make an appointment to register as a candidate. This will allow you to name your official agent (if applicable), begin collecting campaign funds and be listed on the 2024 candidate list.

To become an official candidate for Mayor, Councillor or CSAP Member, all relevant forms must be filed by nomination day (Sept. 10, 2024). A pre-scheduled in-person appointment (available only between Aug. 29 and Sept. 9, 2024) is required to submit all forms; make your appointment today by emailing the Election Office.


All forms are available for download in PDF format.

Form Description Download link
Form Description Download link
Form 3: Certificate in respect to charges that are liens/taxes This form is required for candidates running for Mayor or Councillor. Download form 3
Form 11: Nomination paper Select the form for the office you're running for. Please note that the CSAP form is available in English and French. Download form for Mayor/Councillor

Download form for CSAP Member (English)

Télécharger le formulaire pour les membres du CSAP (français)
Form 12: Advertising materials and voter lists This form outlines the responsibility of all candidates to remove all relevant advertising materials and return elector lists after the election period. Download form 12
Form 12A: Nomination withdrawal This form is only required for candidates who have been nominated and are looking to formally withdraw their candidacy. Download form 12A
Form 15: Appointment of poll agent On election day, candidates may have poll agents present in polling stations. Download form 15
Form 16: Oath of a poll agent Oath required by poll agents. Download form 16
Form 17 and 17A: Official agent This form is for candidates and (if applicable) their appointed official agent. Download form 17

Download form 17A
Form 40: Campaign contributions disclosure statement Candidates must track and disclose campaign contributions from contributors. Download form 40

Email the Election Office for a contribution tracking sheet
Form 41: Association's campaign contributions disclosure statement This form is specific for campaign contributions received by an association, in support of a candidate. Download form 41

Additional resources

Hear from outgoing Council members

Running for Council is a big decision and usually comes with lots of questions. That’s why we’ve asked familiar faces – some of our outgoing Council members – to provide some insight for prospective candidates. 

Video screenshot of Mayor Mike Savage sitting at his desk with a YouTube "play button" superimposed on him.

Mayor Mike Savage

Video screenshot of Councillor Lisa Blackburn sitting at a desk with a YouTube "play button" superimposed on her.

Councillor Lisa Blackburn

Video screenshot of Councillor Lindell Smith sitting at a desk with a YouTube "play button" superimposed on him.

Councillor Lindell Smith

Video screenshot of Councillor Tim Outhit sitting at a desk with a YouTube "play button" superimposed on him.

Councillor Tim Outhit


The Election Office, as part of the Office of the Municipal Clerk, is ready to ensure that support is available to residents, candidates and election staff at every step of the election process: