Request A Bicycle Rack

Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) is working to provide bicycle parking where there is demand for it. Our Request-A-Rack program allows you to request new bicycle racks to be installed on public property at locations where you think more bicycle parking is needed. Our focus is on installing racks in commercial districts and at public destinations like parks, recreation centres and libraries. 

Unfortunately, we do not provide bicycle racks for residential properties or schools. Municipal racks will also not be provided if the requesting property has adequate space to provide the rack. In this case, the owner would be expected to install a rack on their own property, at their own expense. HRM staff may assist in selecting a suitable rack and location to ensure optimum use. 

To let us know where public bicycle parking is needed, call the HRM Customer Service Centre at 311 or e-mail You will need to provide:

  • Your name and contact information
  • Proposed bicycle rack location


HRM staff will review your request to determine whether or not the location meets program criteria and if funding is available. If these criteria cannot be met a bicycle rack may not be installed. Considerations include:

  • That racks do not substantially reduce adequate sidewalk width and do not impede pedestrian circulation, accessibility, or access to buildings. 
  • Maintenance of adequate clearances from the curb, utility poles, street furniture, hydrants, bus stops, loading zones, parked car door zones, crosswalks, etc.
  • If there appears to be a demand for bicycle parking, and the rack can be located within a reasonable distance (+/- 15m) from the destination to be served.
  • That racks can be placed in a visible area with significant foot traffic for casual surveillance and, if possible, located under awnings. 
  • Single racks generally need to be installed on a flat concrete surface free from cracks or other damage.