Halifax Bike Map

*NEW* Halifax Online Interactive Bike Map

Interested in taking up cycling or cycling more often? Check out our Bike Map to plan your route using our bikeways, multi-use pathways, and suggested routes on calmer streets. To help you navigate the terms and icons on the map, check out the Bicycle Facility Dictionary and Cycling Signage and Road Markings page. 

Halifax is home to a growing network of sidewalks, bikeways, and multi-use pathways to make it easier, safer, and more comfortable to walk and cycle in your community. Walking and cycling are part of the suite of transportation options provided by Halifax Regional Municipality but incorporating them into your daily trips, whether it’s to run errands or to get to work, have added benefits including:

  • Getting your daily recommended exercise without having to make time for the gym
  • Arriving at your destination feeling happier and more energetic
  • Spending more time doing things you love and less time sitting in traffic
  • Spending less money on things like gas for the car or gym memberships
  • Experiencing your community in a new way
  • Reducing your environmental footprint

And more!