Local Street Bikeways

Local Street Bikeways are bicycle routes on local (often residential) streets. If necessary, the street is modified in a way that lowers vehicle speeds and volumes. This allows people cycling to share the road comfortably with vehicles without the need for designated bicycle lanes. The impact on parking on streets with Local Street Bikeways is often minimal. 
Local Street Bikeways have the following features:

  • Signs to show that the street is a Local Street Bikeway
  • Pavement markings to remind all road users to expect people bicycling and assist with their placement in the lanes
  • Traffic diversion measures, where necessary, to discourage through trips or “short-cutting” by motor vehicles
  • Traffic calming measures, where necessary, to reduce the speed of motor vehicles
  • Intersection improvements to create safe, convenient bicycle crossings of major and minor streets
  • Other landscaping, bicycle parking, and pedestrian improvements where appropriate

Safety & Etiquette for People Cycling

  • Always respect pedestrian crossings and yield to anyone crossing the street at an intersection
  • Be mindful bicycle markings on the pavement, which will tell you where to position your bicycle and when to travel single file with other road users
  • If travelling after dark, use your front and rear lights to make sure you are visible
  • Be sure to signal your intentions to people driving, especially in places where the same movements are not permitted for vehicles