Protected Bicycle Lanes

Protected Bicycle Lanes allow people to cycle safely and comfortably on busy streets. They create space and offer physical protection between bicycle and vehicle traffic. 
There are two types of Protected Bicycle Lanes: one-way and two-way. One-Way Protected Bicycle Lanes allow for people to cycle in one direction only. Depending on the street, one-way bicycle lanes are either on one side or both sides of the street.  Two-Way Protected Bicycle Lanes feature two side-by-side bicycle lanes. These lanes run in opposite directions on the same side of the street. People cycling can travel in two directions, even on a one-way street.
Protected Bicycle Lanes can use several different design features to provide the All-Ages-And-Abilities experience:

  • A painted buffer to create space between bicycle and vehicle traffic
  • A barrier, such as concrete curb, planter boxes and/or flexible bollards, to provide physical separation from vehicle traffic for people cycling
  • Raised bicycle lanes at the height of the sidewalk
  • A vehicle parking lane between the bicycle lane and vehicle lane

Safety & Etiquette for People Cycling

  • Always respect pedestrian crossings and yield to anyone crossing the street at an intersection or crosswalk
  • If a protected bicycle lane is shared with a transit stop, yield to anyone who is trying to board or exit a bus
  • Pass other people in the bicycle lane only when it is safe to do so (use your bike bell before passing)
  • If travelling after dark, use your front and rear lights to make sure you are visible
  • Be sure to signal your intentions to people driving, especially in places where the same movements are not permitted for vehicles