Land Lease Communities

A land-lease community (LLC) is a type of housing tenure where the resident owns their home but leases the land on which their home is situated. In HRM, Land-lease Communities are regulated by the Land-lease Communities By-law (By-law L-500). Community operators are required to obtain an annual operating license and meet minimum operating standards for services and infrastructure. Applications for an operating license will be made through the Permitting, Planning, Licensing & Compliance  customer portal.

**Please note: Staff are currently setting up licensing profiles for each existing land-lease community. Community Operators will be contacted when the application can be submitted.**

The placement of individual homes and the construction of accessory buildings within LLCs is regulated by the Halifax County Mobile Home Park By-law  or the City of Dartmouth Mobile Homes and Mobile Home Parks By-law, depending on their location.

For more information on LLC By-law, please refer to Land-lease Communities: Supplemental Guide to By-law L-500.


Complaints regarding a land-lease community can be made to 311 for Licensing and Compliance staff to follow up.

Further Information

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