Community Arts

Interested in strengthening neighbourhood and community connections through collaborative arts projects? The municipality offers the following community art programs and supports:

Neighbourhood Placemaking

Neighbourhood Placemaking brings community members together to design and build or create installations that activate shared public spaces, giving a sense of place and building neighbourhood relationships. The Municipality is enthusiastic to work with residents who are interested in leading a project in their neighbourhood. Projects are resident-led and may include: 

  • painting on municipal street intersections 
  • building a mini library
  • building a neighbourhood bench
  • creating stepping stones
  • making a community film screen
  • any other creative idea you can think of!

For more information, visit Neighbourhood Placemaking.

Community Art Training and Support

Interested in starting a community art project in your neighborhood but don't know how to make it happen? Have an idea but don't know what to do next? Contact Kate Moon for information regarding potential partnership opportunities or for training on how to make your community art idea come to life. Training workshops include:

  • engaging your community
  • volunteer recruitment
  • facilitating design and event planning workshops
  • working with an artist
  • understanding the logistics and requirements for creating a community art project.  

Are you already part of a not-for-profit art organization or thinking of forming one and could benefit from training and support? Your local Community Developer will help your group reach its goals through:

  • facilitating customized workshops on areas such as
    • strategic planning
    • succession planning
    • team building
    • engaging your community
    • board governance
  • providing templates and how-to guides for
    • starting an organization
    • running effective meetings
    • planning community projects
    • volunteer recruitment
    • creating actionable goals

What community art projects are currently underway?

North Common Plazas

The 2014 North Park Intersection Redesign project created three new entry plazas to the Halifax Central Common along North Park Street. Each plaza will host a design in concrete created by the Aboriginal community, the African Nova Scotian community, and the LGBTQ community in the neighbourhood. For more information and updates, visit North Common Plazas.


Community Art Program

The Community Art Program is currently under review for the 2020-2021 fiscal year.

The Community Art Program provides support for members of the public to think creatively about how they can connect with their communities and neighbourhoods through collaborative arts projects.

Projects must involve a professional artist, who will work with participants throughout the process. Project content is developed by the community. The artwork, once complete, is exhibited, installed, or performed by the community for the community.

Please contact Kate Moon to discuss any ideas or any questions you have about the program.

Kate Moon, Community Developer