Sidewalk Café Licences

How much does a sidewalk café licence cost?

The licensing fee changes depending on the size and intended use of the café.
Café type Fee
Seasonal unenclosed café (where tables and chairs are removed from the sidewalk each day by the closing time of the principle use property) No Fee
Seasonal unenclosed café (no alcohol is permitted to be served) $250.00
Seasonal enclosed “small café” (100 square feet maximum) $400.00
Seasonal enclosed “café” (larger than 100 square feet) $800.00
Annual sidewalk café $1000.00
Infrastructure fees: parking meter, street post, or sign removal/reinstatement $150 per meter/post/sign per café season
Sidewalk Cafe License Application: Annual Processing Information (June 2019)
Sidewalk Cafe License Application: Seasonal Processing Information (June 2019)