Strategic Priorities Plan

The Strategic Priorities Plan reflects the Halifax Regional Municipality’s vision, mission and values, and establishes our key areas of focus now and into the future. 

The four-year plan outlines priority outcomes and strategic initiatives, which guide how we track our progress and align our business plans and budgets. The plan also helps municipal employees understand how their work fits into the long-term goals of the organization, and how we’re all working together to make a difference in our region.

The Strategic Priorities Plan is developed at the start of a new Regional Council term and revisited each year as part of the annual multi-year strategic planning process.

Strategic Initiatives aligned with Regional Council and Administrative Priorities and Outcomes

Strategic Priorities Plan 2021-25

Vision: The Halifax Regional Municipality’s vision for the future is to enhance our quality of life by fostering the growth of healthy and vibrant communities, a strong and diverse economy, and a sustainable environment.

Mission: We take pride in providing high-quality public service to benefit our residents. We make a difference.

Values: Respect • Collaboration • Diversity & Inclusion • Integrity • Accountability • Sustainability • Evidence-Based Decision Making

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Council Priorities – What We’re Doing

We are working together on key initiatives to ensure we meet the needs of our residents and visitors to the region. Through the capital budget, we are committed to investing over $843 million over four years to help us deliver on the priorities approved by Regional Council.

Transformative capital investments include expanding our integrated mobility network through projects such as the Windsor Street Exchange Redevelopment and Rapid Transit Strategy; implementing recommendations outlined in HalifACT, our ambitious climate action plan; and the development of the Cogswell District, one of the biggest city-building projects in our region’s history.

Prosperous Economy

A prosperous, welcoming and growing economy positions the municipality as a business and tourism destination of choice, with economic opportunities for all.

Economic Growth

Economic opportunities are seized to promote and maximize balanced growth, reduce barriers for businesses, support local economies, and showcase the region’s strengths to the world. The following initiatives support the Economic Growth priority outcome:

  • African Nova Scotian Road to Economic Prosperity Action Plan
  • Halifax's Inclusive Economic Strategy 2022-27
  • Tourism Master Plan
  • Cogswell District Project
  • Rural Planning Program
  • Halifax Civic Innovation Outpost
  • Regulatory Modernization

Holistic Planning

Informed decisions are made about housing, municipal services, and employment and quickly directs growth to the right places in a way that furthers community goals. The following initiatives support the Holistic Planning priority outcome:

  • Community Land Trust Model
  • Planning and By-Law Simplification
  • Regional Plan
  • Industrial Lands Supply
  • Streetscaping

Talent Attraction, Retention & Development

A global and welcoming community that attracts, retains, and develops talent. The following initiatives support the Talent Attraction, Retention & Development priority outcome:

  • Atlantic Immigration Program
  • Local Immigration Partnership
  • Halifax Connector Program


The municipality boasts strong social equity through meaningful engagement to build safer and more inclusive communities for all.

Safe Communities

Residents and visitors feel safe and are supported by a network of social and transportation infrastructure that helps community members thrive. The following initiatives support the Safe Communities priority outcome:

  • Halifax Street Checks Report Response
  • Public Safety Strategy 2018-2022
  • Safe City and Safe Public Spaces Program
  • COVID-19 Community Protection/Service
  • Police Response
  • Crime Prevention Through Public Education
  • Enhance Crisis Communication Capacity
  • Comfort Centres/Emergency Generators
  • Federal Heavy Urban Search and Rescue Program (HUSAR)
  • Community Risk Reduction

Involved Communities

Residents are actively involved in their communities and enjoy participating and volunteering in a wide range of leisure, learning, social, recreational, cultural and civic opportunities. The following initiatives support the Involved Communities priority outcome:

  • Community-Focused Service Delivery (Halifax Public Libraries)
  • Sharing Our Stories (Culture & Heritage Priorities Plan)
  • Parkland Acquisition
  • Rural Recreation Strategy Development
  • One Recreation
  • Youth Engagement and Support
  • Park and Open Space Plans
  • Senior Engagement Plan

Inclusive Communities

Residents are empowered as stewards and advocates for their communities, and work with the municipality and others to remove systemic barriers. The following initiatives support the Inclusive Communities priority outcome:

  • Anti-Black Racism Strategy
  • Response to Homelessness
  • Equitable Access to Municipal Services
  • Accessibility Strategy
  • Social Policy
  • Task Force on the Commemoration of Edward Cornwallis and the Recognition and Commemoration of Indigenous History
  • African Nova Scotian Community Advisory Committee
  • Redesign of Community Grants
  • Democratic Society

Affordable Communities

The municipality demonstrates leadership and fosters partnerships that provide access to a range of quality, affordable municipal amenities and services, including housing options, in safe vibrant communities. The following initiative support the Affordable Communities priority outcome:

  • Affordable Housing and Development
  • Increasing Food Security and Strengthening the Local Food System

Integrated Mobility

The municipality offers safe, sustainable and accessible travel options to move conveniently throughout the region.

Connected & Healthy Long-Range Mobility Planning

The mobility network supports active living, growth and development, linking people and communities with goods, services and opportunities whether walking, rolling, cycling, using public transit and/or driving. The following initiatives support the Connected & Healthy Long-Range Mobility Planning priority outcome:

  • Integrated Land Use Planning
  • Transportation Demand Management
  • External Stakeholder Integration – Integrated Mobility Plan
  • All Ages and Abilities Regional Centre Bicycle Network
  • Active Transportation Priorities Plan
  • Integrated Mobility Land Acquisition Strategy

Safe & Accessible Mobility Network

A well-maintained network that supports all ages and abilities by providing safe, flexible, and barrier-free journeys throughout the region. The following initiatives support the Safe & Accessible Mobility Network priority outcome:

  • Strategic Road Safety Plan
  • Transportation Capital Asset Renewal

Affordable & Sustainable Mobility Network

A responsible investment approach that maximizes the use of existing mobility infrastructure and aligns with climate and social equity goals. The following initiatives support the Affordable & Sustainable Mobility Network priority outcome:

  • Major Strategic Multi-Modal Corridors
  • Windsor Street Exchange Redevelopment Project
  • Rapid Transit Strategy (Ferry)
  • Rapid Transit Strategy (Bus Rapid Transit)


Leadership in climate change action and environmental protection – both as an organization and a region.

Net-Zero Emissions

Achieve net-zero municipal operations emissions by 2030 and strive for community-wide emission reductions of 75 percent by 2030 and net-zero by 2050. The following initiatives support the Net-Zero Emissions priority outcome:

  • Deep Energy Retrofits of Municipal Buildings
  • Net-Zero New Construction
  • Community Retrofit, Renewables and Resilience Program
  • Decarbonize Transportation
  • Decarbonize Public Transit

Climate Resilience

Communities, infrastructure, and natural systems are prepared to withstand and recover quickly from climate impacts. The following initiatives support the Climate Resilience priority outcome:

  • Climate Risk Management
  • Protect Critical Infrastructure Against Future Climate and Extreme Weather Impacts

Protected & Sustainable Environment

Healthy and protected ecosystems support biodiversity and connected habitats, and enhanced quality of life. The following initiatives support the Protected & Sustainable Environment priority outcome:

  • Increase Protection and Health of Ecosystems
  • Include Natural Assets in Corporate Asset Management
  • Improve Waste Diversion and Align Halifax's Solid Waste Strategy with HalifACT
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Administrative Priorities – How We’re Doing It

As an organization, the municipality also advances our approved administrative priorities. These outline our road map to support Regional Council to deliver on its priorities and to provide employees with the resources and tools they need to not only meet, but exceed expectations, in the delivery of programs and services.

Responsible Administration

The municipality enables appropriate stewardship of municipal affairs by being well-managed, financially prepared and community-focused.


Appropriate stewardship of municipal affairs inspires the trust and confidence of residents. The following initiatives support the Well-Managed priority outcome:

  • Corporate Performance Management Program
  • Commercial Taxation Options
  • Risk Management Framework
  • Volunteer Strategy

Financially Prepared

Finances are planned and managed to ensure sustainability, support growth and deliver quality municipal services. The following initiatives support the Financially Prepared priority outcome:

  • Fiscal Sustainability Strategy


Residents are engaged in the development of public policy and plans. The following initiatives support the Community Focused priority outcome:

  • Community Engagement Strategy
  • 20-Year Community Vision

Our People

The municipality is committed to diversity, inclusion and equity, and providing an engaging, healthy and safe work environment.

Engaged & Skilled People

People are engaged and have the required skills and experience to provide excellent service to our communities. The following initiative supports the Engaged & Skilled People priority outcome:

  • Strategic Human Resources Planning
  • Enhanced Workplace Culture

Diverse, Inclusive & Equitable Environment

Diversity, inclusion, and equity are fostered to support all our people in reaching their full potential. The following initiatives support the Diverse, Inclusive & Equitable Environment priority outcome:

  • Diversity & Inclusion Framework
  • Diversity & Inclusion Recruitment Strategy

Healthy & Safe Workplace

A commitment to health, safety and wellness is demonstrated to our people. The following initiatives support the Healthy & Safe Workplace priority outcome:

  • Corporate Safety Strategy
  • Corporate Health and Wellness Strategy

Service Excellence

The municipality innovates and makes evidence-based decisions to meet or exceed the expectations of the people we serve.

Exceptional Customer Service

Residents receive exceptional accessible and inclusive service provided through customer-centric planning and continuous improvement. The following initiative supports the Exceptional Customer Service priority outcome:

  • Performance Excellence Program

Innovative Performance Excellence

Current and future needs are met through forward thinking, innovation and collaboration. The following initiative supports the Innovative Performance Excellence priority outcome:

  • Service Performance Measurement/Management
  • Digital Strategy