Special Events Waste Management

A Special Event Waste Management Plan helps the organizer(s) and our department ensure you have considered your waste-related needs for your upcoming event. Much of the material generated at your event can be recycled, composted, or avoided. 

Halifax Regional Municipality does not supply bin(s) or waste collection services for special events. Proper planning before an event can help avoid unexpected costs and reduce time spent managing waste.

Why Waste Management for Your Events?

According to Halifax Regional Municipality Solid Waste By-Law S-600, It is the sole responsibility of the event organizer(s) to secure a contractor to supply proper bin(s) for garbage, organics, recyclables, paper and cardboard, as well as collection services for these bin(s).

Under this By-Law, event organizers are required to have a waste management plan in place, as it is an essential tool for having an efficient system in place to lower costs and time associated with waste disposal. 

Do I need a Waste Management Plan for my event?

An event organizer(s) should address the below question when putting together a special event waste management plan. If you answer yes to any of the below questions, you must complete and submit a Special Event Waste Management Plan to Solid Waste Resource – Special Event:

  • Is your event on municipal property?
  • Are there vendors/booths at your event serving/catering food and/or drinks?
  • Are there other types of booths/vendors at the event?
  • Are people allowed to bring food/drink to the event?
  • Do I need to hire a waste hauling company for waste collection services for this event?
  • Do I need signage for the waste bins?
  • Are there public bins on-site?
  • Do I anticipate litter during and after the event?

The completed plan can be submitted by email to wasteless@halifax.ca or by mail at Solid Waste Resources - Special Event, Halifax Regional Municipality, PO Box 1749, Halifax, NS B3J 3A5. Upon submission, a diversion officer will reach out if a revision is necessary.

For more information on Solid Waste in HRM,  contact Halifax Solid Waste Resource staff for advice on ‘What Goes Where’ or to assist with signage and suggestions on proper bin placement.