Education and outreach

Learning about recycling and composting

Halifax Solid Waste offers free presentations and workshops to schools, universities, businesses and community groups.

Presentations are customized to each classroom or organization and can often connect to curriculum outcomes or badge requirements. Through these interactive sessions, participants will learn:

  • the importance of the 3 Rs
  • how to generate less waste 
  • the impact of landfills
  • how to properly sort waste
  • what happens to waste after it leaves the curb
  • the impact of individual actions
  • how to conduct waste audits
  • how to compost at home
  • how to educate others in their school or workplace
  • how to find efficiencies in your recycling program
  • how to host a green event
  • Education officers also set up displays at local festivals, events, and trade shows.  

To request a presentation, email

These education initiatives are made possible by funding from Divert NS. To help inspire change in your school visit the Divert NS Learning Hub for environmental education which includes engaging videos, free classroom materials, and fun classroom activities.

Recycling signs

Signs can be printed for use in your home, school, or business. All posters are PDF format: