Road Safety Grant - Video Analytics Study

The Halifax Regional Municipality has been selected as one of five winning municipalities for a national grant program through Aviva Canada and MicroTraffic.

The program provided 75% of the cost of MicroTraffic video analytics at 10 locations. The municipality is responsible for the remaining 25% of the cost. Aviva Canada will also fund a follow-up analysis to measure the impact of improvements made before the end of 2022.

Video analytics use traffic video footage to analyze the occurrence of near-misses at an intersection to determine where the potential for collisions might exist. This proactive approach allows countermeasures to be selected that aim to prevent those collisions from occurring.

The following intersections were selected for this project. These locations were selected because of high traffic volumes, an above-average frequency of injury collisions, and a demonstrated need for a safety review. Follow these links to view the MicroTraffic Conceptual Safety Plans for each intersection:

What’s next?

Municipal staff will be reviewing the recommendations from the conceptual safety plans to determine the feasibility and timeline for implementation. Some of the recommendations can be actioned quickly, while others will require more analysis to assess the wider impacts of the changes, including budget requirements.