Agreement Summary

1. Acknowledgement of Loss (Apology)

Mayor Kelly delivers an apology to the African Nova Scotian community on February 24, 2010.

2. $3 million municipal contribution to the project inclusive of both capital construction and operational costs

Funds from the Africville Trust account and the Self Insurance Reserve will be transferred to Africville Heritage Trust.

3. Conveyance of 2.5 acres of land adjacent to and west of Seaview Park

Two parcels of land owned by HRM ($276,270) and Transport Canada/HPA ($165,000) will be transferred.

4. Park Maintenance Agreement between the Africville Heritage Trust Board and HRM for the lands known as Seaview Park

Staff will work with the Africville Heritage Trust and stakeholders to establish a maintenance agreement for the lands known as Seaview Park.

5. Renaming of Seaview Park to Africville - the park will still belong to HRM

HRM Staff will work with the AGS, the Africville Heritage Trust Board and community stakeholders to officially rename Seaview Park.

6. Community Development - The establishment of an African Nova Scotia Affairs Office or function within HRM that would enable our organization to better engage with the African HRM community.

HRM Staff will work within the Business Plan and Budget framework for 2010-2011 to outline an approach to establish a function within HRM to better serve the African Nova Scotian community and bring to Regional Council for approval.

7. Settlement of Litigation

The terms of the agreement as noted above have been approved by the Africville Genealogy Society. The other plaintiffs to the litigation were invited to a community meeting on Saturday, 20 February 2010 to approve the terms of settlement.

8. No personal compensation

No personal compensation