Women and Gender Equity Strategy

A diverse group of six people sitting together at a table having a discussion and taking notes

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion/African Nova Scotian Affairs Integration Office wants to engage with residents from diverse communities throughout the Halifax region. Share your voice to help inform a strategy to guide the municipality’s actions to reduce gender inequality for women, girls, and gender-diverse and non-binary residents.

Please join us for a discussion led by Rajean Willis to hear feedback from women and non-binary people in the African Nova Scotian community on furthering gender equity in Halifax.

Upcoming online and in-person engagement sessions: 

Wednesday, October 26, 2022 | 6 p.m. - 8 p.m.
Henry G Bauld Centre
35 Wilfred Jackson Way, Cherry Brook

RSVP by midnight on October 24, 2022

Supported by the Halifax Regional Municipality’s Office of Diversity and Inclusion and African Nova Scotian Affairs Integration Office.

What is the Women and Gender Equity Strategy?

The Women and Gender Equity Strategy (WGES) is a guiding document in alignment with the Diversity & Inclusion Framework that will help the municipality to advance gender equality in the region. It will provide guidance on reducing barriers to inclusive municipal services that may be created due to a person’s gender identity and expression and other parts of who they are, such as ability, race, age, immigration status, language, income, and much more.

What's the next step?

Once we've completed the first round of community engagement sessions, we'll compile a "what we heard" document that captures the feedback, suggestions, concerns, and discussions that came out of those conversations. The "what we heard" report will be used to develop an initial draft of the Women and Gender Equity Strategy.

For more information, please contact diversity@halifax.ca