Immigration Services

Immigration plays a central role in the future of Halifax. Its economic growth, social prosperity, and workforce development largely depend on the Municipality’s capacity to leverage its strengths to retain immigrants and newcomers who chose to make Halifax their home. Halifax has seen an unprecedented population growth within the past 6 years that has helped to shape a more diverse and vibrant community.

The Halifax Regional Municipality launched the Immigration Strategy to help new residents feel at home as soon as possible. There have been plans towards more immigrant friendly municipal service delivery in Halifax since 2005. This strategy, however, is the first that Halifax will be adopting to have an integral internal approach towards contributing to making Halifax a home for new residents.

The Immigration Strategy was approved by Halifax Regional Council on July 12, 2022. The Strategy outlines 34 action items that aim to ensure providing municipal services that are inclusive of immigrants and newcomers needs.



The Halifax Immigration Partnership, along with partners from the Halifax Regional Municipality, the Province and other service providers, have developed a new centralized platform to help immigrants as well as any newcomers to Halifax find services, programs, and community organizations and events meant to help them in their integration journey in the city. Please visit the New in Halifax website to find important resources for you!