Last-Minute Rentals

Each year, the municipality offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor recreational facilities for rent to both individuals and organizations. Individuals will be able to rent spaces in facilities through online booking.

How Do I Complete a Last-Minute Rental? 

Log in to your MyREC account or create an account using the button below. Once you're logged in, you can browse facilities available for online booking

Last-Minute Rental Timeframes

Assets Viewable* Bookable** Last Possible Booking***
Assets Viewable* Bookable** Last Possible Booking***
Arenas 6 Months 14 Days 3 Days
Gymnasiums 14 Days 14 Days 4 Days
Courts 7 Days 7 Days 1 Hour
All Weather Fields 2 Months 14 Days 3 Days

*Viewable - How far in advance a bookable space can be viewed online.
**Bookable - How far in advance a space can be rented.
***Last Possible Booking - Lead time required for a space can be rented.
i.e., at 3 p.m. you can book a 4 p.m. timeslot for courts or if today is Monday, a gymnasium rental can be made for Friday.

Facilities Available for Last-Minute Rentals 

  1. HRM 4Pad
  2. Lebrun Arena
  3. RBC Centre
  4. Sackville Sports Stadium
  5. St Margaret's Centre
  6. Zatzman Sportsplex
All Weather Fields
  1. Bedford Hammonds Plains
  2. Cole Harbour
  3. Dartmouth Harbour East
  4. Mainland Common
  5. Weir Field
Gymnasiums (Excluding Halifax Regional Centre for Education)
  1. Bedford Hammonds Plains
  2. Chocolate Lake
  3. Citadel
  4. Findlay
  5. George Dixon
  6. Gordon R Snow
  7. Horizon
  8. Needham
  9. North Preston
  10. Sackville Sports Stadium
  11. St. Andrew's

Bedford / Hammonds Plains

  1. Eisenhauer Park
  2. Larry O'Connell 
  3. Teachery Park

Beechville / Lakeside / Timberlea

  1. Lakeside Community Centre

Cole Harbour

  1. Cole Harbour Outdoor Pool
  2. Forest Hills Common
  3. Graham Creighton Junior High


  1. Baker Drive Community Park
  2. Brownlow Park
  3. Caledonia Junior High
  4. Crichton Park Elementary School
  5. Dartmouth Common
  6. Morash Park
  7. Mount Edward Road Park
  8. Portland Estates Park
  9. Sir Robert Borden Junior High
  10. The Birches

Fall River

  1. Robertson Park


  1. Armstrong Court Park
  2. Castle Hill Park
  3. Chocolate Lake Community Centre
  4. Citadel High
  5. Conrose Park
  6. D.J. Butler Park
  7. George Dixon Community Centre
  8. Gorsebrook Junior High
  9. Grosvenor Park
  10. Halifax Central Common
  11. Headstart Tennis Centre
  12. Highland Park Junior High
  13. Joseph Howe Elementary
  14. Merv Sullivan Park
  15. Northcliffe Park
  16. Oxford School P-9
  17. Shipside Lane Park
  18. St. Mary's Boat Club
  19. Transom Drive Park
  20. Tremont Plateau Park
  21. Westmount Elementary School
  22. Withrod Drive Park


  1. North Preston Community Centre


  1. Beaver Bank Kinsac Park
  2. Metropolitan


  1. Central Spryfield Elementary

Last Minute Rentals FAQ

Which spaces will be available to rent and what is a "last-minute rental"?

Booking requests are submitted through an application process at the beginning of each rental season. For more information on the rental application process, click here. Last-minute rentals are online rentals that will be offered after all the allocations for seasonal contracts have been completed. Any time available for rent after seasonal contracts have been determined is considered available for a last-minute rental.

What are the hours of operation of bookable facilities?

For more details on the facilities hours of operations please visit Recreation Centres in Your Community and click on the name of the facility that you are looking for more details on.

When can I book a last-minute rental?

Last-minute rentals for participating facilities will display any available time within the below timeframes.  Prior to the proposed booking date, please contact the facility by phone within the below timeframes:

  • Arenas - 14 days from the current date.
  • Gymnasiums - 14 days prior to proposed booking.
  • Courts - 7 days prior to proposed booking.
  • All Weather Fields - 14 days prior to proposed booking.
Can Corporate Users Reserve Last Minute Rental Bookings?

No.    Last minute rentals are reserved for individual and not-for profit organizations/groups.   Corporate rentals are required to pay corporate rates and book rentals through their Facility Scheduling Office.    Click here for more information

Last-Minute Rental Rules/Conditions:
  1. Last-minute rentals are final and are non-refundable.
  2. Last-minute rentals are booked on a first come, first served basis.
  3. Last-minute rentals cannot be used to replace regular bookings.
  4. The municipality reserves the right to limit last-minute rentals where it is considered to be used for profit or gain, or is being abused to replace regular contract bookings.
  5. All terms & conditions of a standard rental contract apply to last-minute rentals. Rental contract terms & conditions can be found for each facility below.
  6. The municipality reserves the right to cancel or amend the implementation of last-minute rentals at any time at its discretion. If a booking is cancelled by your municipal recreation facility, a credit for the booking will be added to the client’s account.
  7. Last minute rentals are reserved for individuals and not-for profit organizations/groups.   Corporate rentals are required to pay corporate rates and book rentals through the Facility Scheduling Office.  
What Are Some Helpful Links?

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