Lakeside Community Centre

New Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Community Centre Rendering Image

The new centre coming in 2025


As of December 18, 2023, the Lakeside Community Centre building has closed for rebuilding and construction. Programs will continue to run in alternative locations. If you are looking to access the temporary office location, please see the address below: 

  • Youth Worx Program
    1300 St Margarets Bay Rd (can be found behind 1308 St Margaret's Bay Rd.)
    Beechville, NS B3T 1A2

Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Community Centre – coming in 2025.  
This new facility will feature a full-size gymnasium, multi-purpose rooms, an outdoor playground, a splashpad, a community kitchen and more.

Frequently asked questions about the new facility 

What is the project timeline?

The facility design was created in 2023. Construction will begin in 2024 and the new centre will open in 2025. As we get further into the construction phase, a more accurate timeline will be given. Updates will be listed on this webpage.

Why is the centre being demolished?

Lakeside Community Centre was originally constructed as a school in 1956. The municipality renovated the building for recreation and programming needs, but with time, the facility has now passed its best-before date. The currently facility has old windows, heating and mechanical infrastructure. With its limited accessibility and a lack of a gymnasium, the current centre no longer serves the diverse and increasing needs of the community.

Is this a complete rebuild or a renovation?

This is a complete re-design and build project. The new facility will have modern amenities and infrastructure, have a layout that is warm, welcoming and functionally suitable. As a purpose-built facility, the net-zero designs and amenities have been influenced by community engagement feedback.

How much will the rebuild cost? 

The project budget is $23 million and remains in line with the Class A cost estimates of $21 million. Class A cost estimates are provided based on a high level of project definition and detailed design, typically closer to construction.  

How was it determined that a full-sized gymnasium would be prioritized over a weight room? 

The original project budget was $9.9 million but it was increased to $23 million in 2022 during the value engineering phase when we received the early (Class C) cost estimates. The Class C cost estimates were higher than originally anticipated due to increases in the cost of materials, labour and/or labour availability. It was at this point a redesign took place with the priority being the full-sized gymnasium, not the weight room. 

The Design Team included two Co-Chairs from the Community Consultation Committee. Everyone on the design team was in attendance when the final design was presented and approved in 2022. 

In the final design, all rooms inside the facility are designed for multi-use, whereas weight rooms have limited use and are only for use for ages 16 and up. The weight room would require additional capital to run, which is not currently within budget. 

What programs will be offered in the new facility? 

All programs currently available in this facility will continue to exist. The new gymnasium will allow for a variety of sport and other physical activities, such as volleyball, basketball, pickleball, badminton, camps, after-school programs and more. Feedback from past community engagements will inform current programming. As with all Halifax Recreational facilities, staff will continue to monitor trends and feedback from residents to align program offerings with community needs.   

Why is the name changing from Lakeside Community Centre to Beechville Lakeside Timberlea Community Centre?

The naming change of the facility better represents the communities primarily serviced by the centre. It also recognizes Beechville, an historic African Nova Scotian community, first settled in the early 1800s.

Contact information

Phone: 902.876.8812

Transit route 

21, 123

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Alternate program locations


  • Youth Worx Facility | 1300 St Margarets Bay Rd.
  • Ridgecliffe Middle School | 35 Beech Tree Run

Glen Margaret

  • William Black United Church | 10515 Peggy’s Cove Rd.


  • Lakeside Fire Hall | 26 Myra Rd


  • BLT Jr Elementary | 22 James St.
  • BLT Sr Elementary | 24 James St.

Upper Tantallon

  • Tantallon Sr Elementary | 3 French Village Station Rd.
  • Tantallon Jr Elementary | 1 French Village Station Rd.


  • Hubbards Recreation Centre | 9856 St Margaret’s Bay Rd.

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The new 2025 facility