Adventure Earth Centres

Adventure Earth Centres
HEAT Camp 2022

Summer & Fall Programs 2024

The Adventure Earth Centre is offering a variety of outdoor recreation programming this season! 

Facility Addresses:

Fleming Park Location

Shubie Park Location

  • 54 Locks Road, Dartmouth, NS
  • Transit Route: 55 | under 10 minute walk | View route schedules

St. Mary's Boat Club Location

  • 1641 Fairfield Road, Halifax, NS
  • Transit Routes: 1, 24 | 10 minute walk | View route schedule

Graham's Grove Park Location

  • 45 Graham's Grove, Dartmouth, NS
  • Transit Route: 62 | under 10 minute walk | View route schedules
  • The Adventure Earth Centre offers Canoeing & Stand Up Paddle Board programming from Graham's Grove Park.

Camp Mockingee Location

  • 160 Smeltzer Road, Windsor, NS
  • Many of the Adventure Earth Centre overnight camps are offered at Camp Mockingee. 


Due to outdoor, evening and weekend programming, staff are regularly out of the buildings during these times. Please call ahead to ensure the buildings are open.

Contact Information: 

Fleming Park: 902.490.4539
St. Mary's Boat Club (Canoe, Kayak & SUP Programming)902.490.4538
St. Mary's Boat Club (Weddings & Events): 902.490.4688

Shubie Park, Graham's Grove Park & Camp Mockingee: 902.490.5488

Instagram: @hfxnextgen

Rent the AEC Fleming Park Location

Our program room is available for rent, please get in touch with us at for information!

Programs offered: 

Program descriptions can be found on these pages:

Visit to see upcoming programs offered by the Adventure Earth Centre and the St. Mary's Boat Club.

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