Exploring Nature

child hides behind fern

Nature is waiting for you! Explore Nova Scotia’s natural wonders and get active on our trails, green spaces, or even your own back yard.

Gardening Tips

Gardening Tips

Trail Safety 

Join Damion as he talks trail safety for your outdoor hikes!

Trail Safety

Sun Safety 

Join Marlo as she demonstrates proper sun safety for all of your outdoor activities!

Sun Safety with Marlo

Earth Adventures Trail Activities

Take off on fun-filled adventures along some of the best nature trails in the Halifax Region. The distances are short but the discoveries great as each trail description gives you the tools and tricks to explore the wonder in nature. These adventures are for kids of all ages. 

Each trail has an engaging theme with specific directions for hands-on activities at special stops along the way. You’ll discover a hidden plaque with a secret creature on it at the end of each trail. 

Visit the website to learn more!

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Save this image and complete a nature scavenger hunt in a park near you!

Group Size: 1+ people

Goal: Find as many items on the scavenger hunt as possible

Set up:

  • Print out one the image, or write down the list on a piece of paper
  • Put on some comfy shoes, sun protection and get outside!

How to Play:

  • Work as a team or individually to find the items on the two different scavenger hunts we’ve created
  • If you complete ours, test your creative skills and create your own to go out and try!
Nature Scavenger Hunt

Activity/Craft disclaimer

These online recreation programming sessions are hosted by the municipality to promote online learning, have some fun, learn something new, and challenge your mind. These sessions are “use at your own risk,” so don’t work beyond your capability and seek help if you need it. Remember, safety first! If you choose to share your or your family’s results online, please do so responsibly and safely. We hope you enjoy this free programming.