Supporting your event

The Special Events Task Force continues to work with event organizers to help identify programs and activities that meet the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness guidelines and restrictions for mass gatherings. Please review our COVID-19 special event guidelines.

Halifax supports events that build community, foster good community relations, develop local economy and tourism industry, and enrich the quality of life of all residents and visitors. See below for information on municipally organized events, requirements for organizing your own event, and grants available for events.

Municipally Organized Events

For information on the events (Canada Day, Natal Day, etc.) delivered by the Halifax Civic Events team.

Organizing an event in Halifax?

All events that occur in Halifax Regional Municipality must be reviewed by Halifax’s Special Event Task Force (SETF).

Thinking of planning a special event? Check out the Special Event Planning Guide.

Thinking of planning an event on Argyle Street? Review our Argyle Street Events Guide.

If you're thinking of planning an event in Halifax Regional Municipality, please submit an application to the Special Event Task Force.

Grants for special events

Halifax Regional Municipality offers three funding streams for events: community, cultural, and Tourism. Read up on the event grant programs to see if you qualify for support.

Related links

For a list of events happening in and around Halifax, visit Discover Halifax, the dedicated tourism marketing organization for Halifax. You can also visit our SETF web page to learn more about the Special Events Task Force.